October 23, 2019

Indiana University Athletics 

After a very promising rookie campaign with the Toronto Raptors, O.G. Anunoby’s second season left a lot to be desired. Kawhi Leonard did bump Anunoby in the depth chart, which certainly didn’t help. His sophomore slump was understandable.


October 23, 2019

Toronto Star 

Last night the defending champion Toronto Raptors kicked of the 2019-2020 season hosting the New Orleans Pelicans. When the schedules were announced, this game was circled on many fans calendars. Many fans around the league were excited to see the NBA debu...

October 18, 2019

SB Nation

Ah, yes, I remember my first time.

If you just read that opening sentence, it means that my editors are doing one of two things. Option A: I have worn them down so much that they just decided to let me run rampant with these blogs. Option B: Someone isn't doing...

September 28, 2019

35. Kyle Lowry 

2018-2019 Season Stats: 14.2 PPG 4.8 RPG 8.7 APG 1.4 STLS

PER: 16.5 TS%: 56.2% WS: 6.6 - 41/35/83

Lowry had the best postseason of his career and cemented himself as maybe the greatest Raptor of all-time. He may be hitting the twilight...


Pick 30: Los Angeles Lakers - Frank Ntilikina (Original pick: Josh Hart)

The last (first round) pick of the Phil Jackson era in New York has not been great. Defensively is where his game shines, but his career 5.9 PPG on 35% shooting is horrendous. To restart hi...

August 25, 2019


The NBA head coach scene, for the moment, is rather tame. This summer didn’t see all that much in the way of coaching turnover, certainly not in comparison to the epic amount of player movement and roster overhauls.  

Still water runs deep, however....

August 21, 2019

ABC7 Eyewitness News 

There are innumerable national pundits that are strangely low on the 2019-20 Nets. It’s not as if the Eastern Conference improved markedly, in fact if anything the stranglehold up top strengthened while the rest of the teams underneath would give t...

August 18, 2019


After a dizzying NBA offseason, it’s easy to forget that the Toronto Raptors are still NBA Champions. And they’ll hold that distinction for another ten months. The team and the fans deserve to revel in that glory.

That said, president of basketball oper...

August 14, 2019

5 players we can all root for next season

Toronto Star

The 2019-20 season is coming into focus. We know all the story lines. We know who the favorites are. We even know the most exciting tilts on the schedule.

Lost in all of these headlines, however, are the many personal...

August 13, 2019

Detroit Bad Boys 

The NBA just released the official schedule for the 2019-20 season. Already articles from OTG, ESPN, Bleacher Report, and many others have released enticing works on the best matchups of the coming season.

Plenty of information is available on such stor...

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