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Musaab Nadeem

NBA Writer

Growing up in the Bay Area, I was surrounded by Warriors fans, but my basketball allegiance has always lied with the Lakers. As a kid, I loved watching Shaq and Kobe dominate the league, and I was absolutely devastated when Shaq was traded away to Miami. It was then that my all-time favorite NBA player became Kobe Bryant. Now, as Dub Nation reigns supreme, I write about what I believe the Lakers can do to in order to get No. 17!

​Justin Quinn

NBA Writer

Justin Quinn was born on the frontier of Boston Celtics fandom in East Connecticut, where the tendrils of Knicks fandom are still unwelcome. Through accident of birth, he's been fixated on the Cs and UConn Huskies since Larry Bird hawked Converse and Scott Burrell forever changed his mind about what was possible in under a second. He's since become enamored with the other 29 teams around the league and the sport's more esoteric aspects, and somehow managed to secure a PhD in anthropology in the meantime. He lives *very* far from southern New England now, laying his head in Mexico City while doing his best to get the NBA to put a franchise in his new home.

Nick Boylan

NBA Writer

I’m a Melbourne based journalist who loves a solid 3-and-D wing, kicks on court, WWE and all things basketball, both at home and abroad.

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