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Nicholas Diesing-Fay

Head of OTG

Nick Fay is a 28-year-old Adelphi University graduate; receiving his Bachelors of Science in Sports Management. His love for basketball began when playing in youth leagues in his hometown of Poughkeepsie, NY. Watching NBA games as a kid led Nick to develop a deeper interest for the sport, and his passion for all things basketball grew. His interest went beyond that of just a player though, and as the years went by, he expanded his knowledge to include a more analytical understanding of the game. Here at OTG, Nick and his team of writers, aim to share, not only their passion for the game, but also content about the NBA.

Kory Waldron

Project Manager/ Head of Social Media

My connection to basketball started at a young age living in Indiana. My love for the game however can be attributed to Kobe Bryant, who now and forever will be my favorite player of all-time. I’ve been with Off the Glass since late 2015. I am the Head of Social Media, a project manager, and a content contributor. I co-host the flagship podcast for OTG, The Outlet with Nick Fay. As well, I host Full Access Hoops & After Hours a Tv and Film podcast. I’m always open to discussing basketball, pop culture, and life in general. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or Instagram at @KWalHoops. #ForTheGlass

Jac Manuell

VP of Content, Editor, Content Creator

Co-host of the Brooklyn Buzz, JBT, Remembering The Office, and regular guest on The Outlet. Has dunked once with a tennis ball. 

Alec Liebsch

Project Manager

Al Horford truther. Economics + Statistics graduate from Temple. The mid-range is banned.

Cam Tabatabaie

Editor/NBA Writer

Lifelong NBA fan. Melo apologist. Off-ball screen advocate. Thanks for reading.

Dennis Dow

Editor/NBA Writer

My name is Dennis Dow. I am a teacher currently living in South Korea.  I am a huge basketball fan that grew up in Kentucky loving UK Basketball.  I transitioned into watching more NBA and I have not looked back.  I have spent years following the game including having the opportunity to coach and speak with some amazing basketball people.  I am interested in learning more and more about the game and I love to share my opinions.  I am very opinionated when it comes to the NBA and I love to argue about basketball, respectfully of course.  I am looking forward to writing for Off The Glass and having the chance to share news and opinion pieces from around the league.

Jay Christian


Jay Christian is an editor and writer for Off the Glass. He unofficially heads up the OTG Pacific Northwest Branch where, when not searching for evidence of Sasquatch or a local IPA, he covers a variety of basketball topics. A native Texan, Jay played basketball at Rice University, and even had the proverbial “cup of coffee” as a professional hooper in Switzerland (he confirms the cup size was in fact a vente’). Since relocating to Seattle, Jay has been waiting for an invitation to the Seattle Pro-Am League from local legends Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson. His all-time favorite player is Scottie Pippen and when he’s not shouting to the masses about the elimination of the salary cap, he’s usually at his side gig as an attorney.

Dalton Pence


Communications major at the University of Louisville; hot take expert, previous FanSided and SB Nation writer

Charles Allen

Project Manager

I'm a husband and father of 4, living in the PNW by way of Texas. I love basketball, fantasy sports, and reliving the 2011 NBA Finals. 

Nikola Cuvalo

NBA Writer/ Social Media Contributor

While persevering through the harsh winters found up North in the Canadian tundra, this aspiring sportswriter stumbled upon some relatively fresh Raptor tracks, and followed them all the way home to the 6ix. A Toronto Raptors fan for almost as long as the franchise has existed, Nikola has been honing his craft, waiting for his opportunity to finally contribute to the NBA-blogosphere. He is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Western Ontario, enrolled in the Honours Specialization Health Sciences with Biology program. Nikola can be said to suffer from a curious case of Stockholm Syndrome, as his favourite NBA player happens to be LeBron James (remember LeBronto? He sure does). After years of playing, watching, absorbing, and analyzing every bit of basketball he could get his handles on, he has decided it's about time he took his talents to the rack for OTG. 

Jeremy Freed


Jeremy Freed is a born-and-raised Cavs fan, who after The Decision, Part 2, has redefined himself as an "NBAddict." Living in the The Mecca of Basketball -- New York City

Kyle Russell

NBA Writer

Proud member of Heat Nation. It’s all about the U. From Duuuuuuuuval. I write about the Heat and NBA for OTG. 

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