• Chandler Harper

Why the Hawks Should Trade for Victor Oladipo

The Hawks enter the offseason with a core of five homegrown young players and recently traded for Clint Capela. In addition, they project to have around $45-million in cap space after their 2020 first round pick.

Hawks management has also publicly stated their playoff goals for next year. I recently wrote about how Donovan Mitchell could be a Hawk’s trade target, now I will look into a potential Victor Oladipo trade.

Oladipo makes a ton of sense on the Hawks, he gives them a much needed second playmaker and helps them take another step towards having a quality defense. Between him, Capela, and the young wings, the Hawks could actually have a respectable defense.

Another upside to a potential Oladipo deal is Trae Young gets to play off the ball some. Young was an excellent player out of catch and shoot situations, he produced an effective field goal percentage of 69 in these situations.

The deal would likely start with the Hawks’ projected high lottery 2020 pick and then would include some combination of young players. I can see there being a struggle to find a middle ground in trade talks due to Oladipo’s injury history and his contract status (expires in 2021).

Another benefit for both teams is the Hawks will have plenty of cap space, they can just absorb Oladipo into it without having to worry about salary matching. This also allows Indiana to create a potentially large trade exception, this will give Indiana a significantly helpful way to get better, despite having limited resources.

Here is what a potential trade might look like:

This deal would not become legal until the new league year. This is the most basic structure of a potential deal. Depending on how the two teams value the young prospects involved and how high the Hawks pick ends up being, you could see one more young guy included, or more picks.

I think this deal is a pretty fair compromise on both sides. The Pacers acquire a defensive-minded wing who still has some potential and they get what is likely a top four pick in what is considered a weak draft, and a future first. The Pacers also might prefer Reddish over Hunter.

The Hawks likely push to not have to include a second pick. It is tough to add that second pick with Oladipo’s injury history and contract status, however, you have to pay a premium to get a superstar. Also including the second pick could allow the Hawks to give up Hunter instead of Reddish. Reddish showed some quality shot-making ability, and great 3-and-D skills in the second half of the season; I consider him to be the far superior prospect. Plus, I would rather include another pick than include Kevin Huerter in this deal. Huerter would fill a bench wing role excellently.

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