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Derrick White Suffers From Injury; Other Major Updates on Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs has always been one of the best teams in the NBA, and every season, they just don't fail easily. They have put up matches with powerful teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers. In the Western Conference, it’s no doubt that the Spurs is one of the contending teams that will lead the season.

However, just like any other team, the Spurs are bound to some setbacks and playing uncertainties. Even more so, their star player, Derrick White, is on a restriction due to a foot injury.

With the NBA season finally tipping off last December 2020, what has happened to the San Antonio Spurs? Will their head coach Gregg Popovich hold out for the entire season and see his team dominate?

Derrick White's Injury

Derrick White's foot injury has always been a problem ever since for the San Antonio Spurs. Their star-player has been consistently and continuously in rehab to recover from this injury. Because of this, White has always been on playing restriction. His minutes spent on the court are always less than the other superstars.

White's toe injury started last season during the August 2020 game. Unfortunately, White aggravated the sprain on the toe after he stubbed it during a game. That incident, later on, progressed to a fracture of that toe. That injury carried on until this season started.

White hardly played during the match with the Los Angeles Lakers, and after 23 minutes, White needed to be seated out. This is also the match that the Spurs lost against the Lakers.

Nevertheless, thanks to Gregg Popovich's strategies, the rookies have more time on the court, forcing the Spurs to bounce back. The Spurs still are a strong contender this season, so if you're thinking of betting on the Spurs, check out the latest at FanDuel's odds.

Furthermore, the team will heavily rely on Patty Mills, DeMar DeRozan, Dejounte Murray, and the rest of the guards. According to Jakob Poeltl, losing White is unfortunate, but that means the Spurs will work as a team to bandage the loss.

Discussing The Issue On Spurs Major Offense

In history, San Antonio Spurs is known for its slow offensive plays due to its old stars, resulting in a mediocre offense. The lack of natural initiators is one thing, and supposedly White has to contribute to this. But with him seated out, will the Spurs move with their fast pace offense or roll back to their old habits?

White has a lot of contribution in setting up the Spurs' fast pace this season, and it's quite problematic the moment he sits out. With that, LaMarcus Aldridge is back. Aldridge's presence in the court might tempt the team to revert to their slow offense pace, dissing out the Spurs' two years of hard work in getting their fast offense built.

But many experts express that shelving the fast offense due to White's absence is a big mistake for the Spurs. Utilizing young players such as Lonnie Walker IV and Keldon Johnson is their primary option to keep the team moving forward.

There might be loopholes and shortcomings along the way, but it's just a small price to pay for their development. The team should resist the temptation to get back to their old habits, even if the next matches consist of long road trips.

More Playing Time For The Rookies

The playing time for the rookies is granted all thanks to White's toe injury. While White is seated out, the San Antonio Spurs’ rookies make their way to the court to impress head coach Popovich.

With this, more playing minutes are granted, especially to the star rookie Devin Vassell. During the Minnesota Wolves match, Vassell made an impressive fourth-quarter move, pressuring Mills in the mid-court and quickly spotting him for an open-three for the Spurs.

And it's not only Vassell that is making an impressive remark throughout the season. Keldon Johnson is taking on much offensive threat his college scouting report has shown. And impressively, during the overtime match with the Wolves, Keldon fearlessly took the team's first three behind the arc.

Key Players For The Next Games

While White is out, these three key players are something to watch out for and probably should earn more minutes on the court. The most obvious selection includes Keldon Johnson, Lonnie Walker, and Devin Vassell. Major players such as LaMarcus Aldridge, Patty Mills, and DeMar DeRozan will stay upfront to keep the pace.

The San Antonio Spurs will keep on playing as they are usually bound to, and even if White is out, the team is still showing the quality of their playing style. The overtime match with the Wolves is the perfect example, showing that even without an important facilitator, the team is still passing well. Moreover, should keep an eye out on Dejounte Murray as he is silently showing signs of being the playmaker the Spurs want him to be.


As a seasoned team, even with some setbacks, the San Antonio Spurs continue to flourish in every NBA season. It's unfortunate that White has to sit most of the games, but Popovich made sure that his team will continue to create beautiful ball movement and dominate the era. It's exciting to watch how the Spurs will challenge the other teams with its roster of healthy and young players as the season rolls out.

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