• Chandler Harper

Which Atlanta Hawks Will be Traded?

The Hawks have started the 2019-2020 season ice-cold and do not have a chance at making the playoffs. They are a young team with a bright future, but they have some decisions to make as trade season begins on December 15th. They have a few players who could end up on the trade block.

DeAndre’ Bembry:

Bembry was drafted by the former front office and is set to hit restricted free agency this summer. There is a good chance he is not in the team’s long-term plans. It is likely they have already decided whether they are going to re-sign him. If they do not plan on keeping him, he could get moved.

Jabari Parker:

Parker has a player option next season for $6.5 million. The framework of Parker’s contract was a mistake for Atlanta; there was very little market for him this summer, they did not need to include the player option. Parker has outplayed the salary for next year and now is likely to opt-out. With this being the case, Atlanta should trade him in order to get some value back.

Parker will likely have the best trade market out of all the Hawks who could end up available. A team looking to add some offensive firepower for cheap could be enticed to make Atlanta a good offer. I would expect him to go for one or two second round picks.

Allen Crabbe/Evan Turner:

Crabbe and Turner are only included in this because of their contract situation. Both players are on expiring deals and make a little under $20 million. Should the Hawks decide they want to go big game hunting, one of these two would have to be included to make the trade work. Crabbe and Turner will not provide any value to a team they are traded to, but they are on expiring deals. If a team is looking for cap flexibility and draft picks, Atlanta could fulfill these demands with one of these two and whatever draft capital is necessary.

Alex Len:

Alex Len has had a relatively down year; he is only playing 17.1 minutes a night and has a net rating of -11.4. He has been losing playing time to Damian Jones. He is on a tradeable expiring contract at just over $4 million.

Should a young team see him as a worthy flier, they might be willing to trade a second round pick for him. There is a slight chance a playoff level team could be interested in him; it will likely depend on a team being significantly injured at the center position. Len’s contract could also be aggregated in a larger scale if it is necessary to make the math work.


I do not expect the Hawks to be too active in trade season. I don’t think they are going big-game hunting, which rules out Crabbe and Turner. I think they will just wait it out with Bembry and Len and just decide if they want to bring them back this summer. Parker is where it gets interesting, the correct move is to trade him, especially if you do not want to pay him this summer. However, I do not think they will trade him. One other option would be to package Parker and Bembry, in exchange for a bad contract. With the other team getting off a bad contract while receiving decent fliers in Parker and Bembry, the Hawks should be able to net a post-lottery first round pick in this scenario.

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