What Arturas Karnisovas Brings to Chicago
  • Darnell Weeden

What Arturas Karnisovas Brings to Chicago

In April the Chicago Bulls named Arturas Karnisovas the team’s new executive vice president of basketball operations. Born in present-day Lithuania, Karnisovas has worked in the NBA since 2003.

His resume is an impressive one. It includes developing the Denver Nuggets into a top-5 team in a stacked Western Conference, and drafting talented players in the draft like Michael Porter Jr. Looking at his previous work in Denver, it is evident that Karnisovas is well equipped to take over a franchise like the Chicago Bulls where, unfortunately, winning has not been plentiful in recent seasons.

After years of mismanagement under Gar Forman and John Paxson, this is a big change of pace for Chicago. Fans in Chi City will enjoy Karnisovas after struggling under GarPax. A huge sigh of relief filled the streets of Chicago knowing we will not be subject to mediocre draft picks like Marcus Teague (no offense) any longer.

Karnisovas’ first task as vice president of basketball operations is to assess the current roster ahead of the 2020 Draft. That will be Karnisovas’ first test for Bulls fans.

Chicago has brought on Lauri Markannen and Coby White in recent years, while also trading for the likes of Zach LaVine. While winning has eluded the Bulls - there has been positive momentum that Karsinovas will need to maintain.

Alongside new team general manager Marc Eversley, Chicago will look to build organically the way Karnisovas did as assistant GM in Denver. What Karnisovas needs to bring to this storied franchise and their fans is a winning culture and smart management decisions.

It’s been twenty-two years since Michael Jordan last delivered a title to Chicago. Since then, the team has seen highs and lows. This new front office could be the catalyst this franchise needs to return to the glory days of MJ and those 90s Bulls.

Chicago fans can anticipate a new look and feel to the team with Karnisovas at the helm. The glory days are behind us, Michael Jordan is not coming back but needed change has come to the Bulls organization. Now it is up to us as fans to either run with the Bulls or run away from the Bulls.

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