• Nick Fay

The Brooklyn Buzz – Nets Land a W in Blake Griffin’s Debut

Nick‌ ‌Fay‌ and Joe Makar recap the Brooklyn Nets’ win over the Washington Wizards. How did Blake Griffin look? Another big game for Nic Claxton? How bad was Shamet’s injury?

Nets hold off the Wizards, 113-106

- Starters vs Bench

- What to make of Blake Griffin’s debut?

- Nic Claxton shines once again

- The second unit is becoming a tool for Brooklyn

- James Harden wasn’t perfect but had his runs

- Kyrie Irving did enough for the win

- How was DeAndre Jordan in this one?

- How did the rest of the squad perform?

- What to make of the Laundry Shamet injury?


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