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Predicting Disney: San Antonio Spurs

This season, the San Antonio Spurs relied heavily on an aged LaMarcus Aldridge and an aging DeMar DeRozan. While they both played fairly well and Greg Popovich continued to coach at a high level, the Spurs just didn’t have enough floor spacing or game-changing talent, and were in serious jeopardy of breaking the longest playoff streak in professional American sports.

Now with Aldridge ruled out for Orlando, it is definitely not looking good for the black and silver. As great as Pop is - we'd all like to see him coaching for many more years, without a doubt - one legitimately couldn't blame him if he decided that it’s time to retire as the franchise ponders whether to rebuild or reload once again.

Eight Game Schedule

July 31 vs. Sacramento Kings - L

The Kings will be coming out with a fire while the Spurs will be coming out missing one of their best players. These teams split their season series with one win apiece, but I can’t imagine San Antonio starting out their bubble experience with a win. 0-1

August 2 vs. Memphis Grizzlies - L

Memphis won two of the three matchups between these two teams this season. In the Spur's only win, Aldridge went for 40 points; that kind of production isn't going to replace itself, and the Spurs committee approach doesn't look all too frightening this year. Aldridge isn’t playing, and consequently, I don’t see a victory. 0-2

August 3 vs. Philadelphia 76ers – W

In their only battle this season, the 76ers beat the Spurs by 11 points. However, Philly's grind-it-out pace and approach to the game actually seems to suit the Spurs rather well. In their last meeting, DeRozan led all scorers with 29 points, and Pop is likely going to do everything in his power to prevent his team from starting 0-for-3 right out of the gates. 1-2

August 5 vs. Denver Nuggets – L

Aldridge is going to really be missed in this game, as he scored 33 points in a seven-point loss in the only matchup between these two teams this season. Also, as I'm sure you've heard by now, Nuggets centre Nikola Jokic has seriously slimmed down and will likely be even more of a front-court matchup nightmare in this blowout loss for the Spurs. Trey Lyles doesn't have a prayer. 1-3

August 7 vs. Utah Jazz - W

The Spurs have had the upper hand on the Jazz this season, winning both contests against them. DeRozan had a total of 56 points over those two affairs and will look to continuously burn the Jazz defense in the half-court. Seeing as the Jazz are down on some offensive firepower with Bojan Bogdanovic being ruled out, Utah is unlikely to have a bucket-matching answer for DeRozan, and this could be an easy win for San Antonio. 2-3

August 9 vs. New Orleans Pelicans - L

In their only matchup this season, the Pelicans won by four points. So, it was a close game, but Aldridge went for 32 points and that obviously isn’t happening with him not in uniform. The Spurs will not have an answer for Zion on any level, and are unlikely to outplay the Pelicans on either end of the court. Their only prayer is that inexperience shrinks the glaring talent gap between the two rosters. Unlikely. 2-4

August 11 vs. Houston Rockets - L

These two teams played each other twice this season and both were really close games, as each was one by two points; when the Spurs won, Lonnie Walker scored 28 points, and when they lost he didn’t score. Asking such a young player that hasn’t really blossomed yet to take on that kind of responsibility borders on the irresponsible. Even if he did continue his great form against the Rockets, Russell Westbrook and James Harden will be looking to build momentum at this point and are unlikely to be stopped here as they jostle for playoff seeding position. 2-5

August 13 vs. Utah Jazz - W

See above. The Jazz will not have an answer for DeRozan, and the Spurs will look to end their season on a high note. A great offensive showing from Mike Conley and Rudy Gobert could change this result, but Utah appears ready for a slide in the standings before the playoffs begin, and the Spurs will happily oblige. 3-5

Final Record: 30-41 (3-5 at Disney)

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