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Predicting Disney: Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns would be in a much better situation had they not missed Deandre Ayton for 25 games after winning their season opener. They still managed to fight their way to a 7-4 record to start their 2019-20 campaign and looked very competitive, like a whole new team than what the league was used to over the last decade. However, for whatever reason (see injury bug for starters) they stumbled and couldn’t quite get their footing after that, going 19-35 after that impressive start. The purple and orange army is ready to do battle though and it will be nice seeing them in Orlando. They will miss Kelly Oubre Jr. aka “Tsunami Papi” unless he does surprisingly play which isn’t entirely out of the question and would definitely help their chances of making the playoffs. If he indeed suits up, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they do much better than the following projection.

Eight Game Schedule

July 31 vs. Washington Wizards – W

Their lone matchup this season was a shootout with the two clubs totaling 272 points. However, the Wizards will be missing their two best offensive players in Bradley Beal and Davis Bertans. The Suns will be looking to come out strong in a very winnable game.

August 2 vs. Dallas Mavericks - W

The two games these teams had against each other were completely different tales. In the first game, the Mavericks won by four points and Luka feasted. However, Ayton was out on his suspension and in the second game he made 13 of 15 shots, scored 31 points and the Suns won by 29. Look for Deandre to have another big game here and Phoenix to start strong in Orlando.

August 4 vs. Los Angeles Clippers - L

The Suns and Clippers faced each other three times in the regular season. Phoenix lost one of those games by 21 points but Devin Booker didn’t play. The other two games were split between the two clubs. In one match, the Suns lost by 10 but Oubre didn’t play and Booker had an off night. In the other contest, the Clippers lost by eight even though Ricky Rubio and Ayton didn’t suit up for Phoenix. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Suns won this game but the Clippers are the better team.

August 6 vs. Indiana Pacers - L

In the only contest between them this season, the Pacers showed without a doubt that they were the better team in a blowout victory. The Suns were healthy that game, had no excuses and it will likely be more of the same here.

August 8 vs. Miami Heat - W

The Suns only played the Heat once this season and had to do so without Ayton. Miami took advantage of that in a 16-point win and if Phoenix wants this time to be different, they will need their big man to have himself a night.

August 10 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder - L The Thunder won by 18 in their only matchup in the regular season as the Suns did not have Ayton and Booker wasn’t his usual offensive force. Phoenix will give it all they’ve got to make things different here but OKC has shown they won’t go down easy.

August 11 vs. Philadelphia 76ers - W

Phoenix walked away with a 5-point victory in the only contest between these two teams this season. Ayton and Joel Embiid didn’t play so it should be more fun this time around, watching the two big men battle it out. Embiid had the upper hand last season, outscoring Ayton 75-35 in their two matchups. However, Devin Booker enjoys playing the Sixers (38.4 points per game in last 5 games) and he will be looking to walk away with an emphatic win.

August 13 vs. Dallas Mavericks - W

See above. Booker and Ayton will look to take down Luka and the Mavs and hope that all their hard work was enough for a playoff berth.

Final Record: 31-42 (5-3 at Disney)

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