• Chandler Harper

Predicting Disney: Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers come into the bubble with the 2nd best record in the West, holding the Denver Nuggets off by a game and a half. The Clippers were firing on all cylinders prior to COVID-19. The team was starting to get healthy, had recently acquired Marcus Morris, and Kawhi was slowly approaching his all-defensive form to couple with his elite shot-making.

The Clippers should benefit significantly from the break. Some of their main guys were battling injuries all year and we know Kawhi’s body isn’t capable of going through too much stress, the rest probably was great for him. With a healthy roster all around, the Clippers are poised to make a run at the Finals.

Eight Game Schedule

July 30th vs. Los Angeles Lakers – W

The Clippers and Lakers currently hold the top two seeds in the West, this will be a fun one to get things going with. The Lakers are pretty short on wing stoppers and I don’t expect LeBron to push himself too much in the first game back. I expect the Lakers to struggle stopping the Clips while I think the Clips will be much better equipped to slow down the Lake Show.

August 1st vs. New Orleans Pelicans – W

This will be another fun one. At the end of the day though, the Pelicans just don’t have the firepower to win this one.

August 4th vs. Phoenix Suns – W

The Suns are lucky to have made the cut, but they stand no chance in this matchup. I expect this to be a load management game but I still do not see the Suns hanging around.

August 6th vs. Dallas Mavericks - L

I don’t think the Clips will go 8-0 so I’m predicting the upset here. Dallas doesn’t have the star power but their offense is electric. If the Clippers load manage or get complacent, Dallas has the potential to pull off the upset. Also worth mentioning that Dallas is likely trying to improve their seeding (to avoid the Clippers) and will be playing very hard.

August 8th vs. Portland Trail Blazers – W

The Blazers have absolutely no defense on the wing and are the far inferior team, I would chalk this one up as an easy dub.

August 9th vs. Brooklyn Nets – W

Not too much to say here. The Nets are a shell of themselves and the Clippers are far superior.

August 12th vs. Denver Nuggets – L

Mixing in another loss against the Nuggets. The Nuggets are a pretty good team and their best offensive player matches up with the Clippers worst defensive starter (Zubac is still pretty solid though). This could also be a load management game.

August 14th vs. Oklahoma City Thunder - W

Lastly, I think they close with a win over the Thunder. The Thunder might be tanking this game so they can keep their top-20 protected pick and once again, the Clippers are the far superior team.

Final Record: 50-22

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