• Chris Harden

Pistons' Fans Furious With Jordan's 'Jumpman' on Jerseys in 2020-21

It’s been a rather difficult time to be a Detroit Pistons fan for about the last decade or so. Since 2008, the Pistons have not won a single playoff game. The only joyful thing about being a Pistons' fan during this time is having the memories of the Bad Boys and the Going to Work Pistons to fall back on.

Yet, even with the lack of success in all of recent memory for the team, Tuesday had to of been one of the toughest days yet to be a Detroit Pistons fan.

An announcement was made by the NBA that all 30 teams will have a Statement Edition uniform that will feature Michael Jordan’s Jumpman logo, starting with the 2020-2021 season. The logo will be featured on the right shoulder of every teams 'Statement Edition' jersey.

On Tuesday morning, the Pistons twitter account seemed to be quite happy to share the Pistons new grey alternate jersey that sports the Jumpman logo.

This comes just a few months after Jordan’s documentary series "The Last Dance" was watched by a large chunk of the nation’s sports fans. The series highlighted Jordan’s beef with the Detroit Pistons. There might not be one player in all of sports that has the same amount of tension with a rival team. Jordan must have been crying tears of laughter when he first saw the picture of the new Pistons jersey.

As you can imagine, most Pistons fans aren’t thrilled with the new jersey. Michael Jordan was the team's most hated rival during the Bad Boys era. The fans and the team take pride in knowing that before Jordan couldn’t get past the Bad Boys in their prime.

Here is what some of the fans had to say:

You can’t blame the Pistons fans that are angry to see the new jerseys; they have an excellent reason to turn a few shades redder than normal when thinking about MJ again. Of course, Jordan himself gets the last laugh.

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