• Cameron Tabatabaie

OTG's Trade Deadline Marathon: Lakers-Pistons-Hawks 3-Team Trade

LAL receives: PG Derrick Rose, PF Markieff Morris

DET receives: SF Chandler Parsons, C Alex Len, PF Kyle Kuzma, 2020 Hawks first-round pick via BKN

ATL receives: SG: Avery Bradley, C Andre Drummond

Why the Lakers would do it:

Los Angeles doesn’t have that much ammo lying around in terms of trade assets. Kyle Kuzma is perhaps the team’s lone trade chip, so the Lakers need to make moves wisely.

Kuzma may have some upside, but his fit on the court and in the locker room under the new Lebron-Anthony Davis regime is unclear. Avery Bradley has been serviceable, but bringing in two tough veterans helps the Lakers secure their playoff roster.

LeBron isn’t getting any younger, and with the other team in LA methodically marching its way to the postseason, the Lakers can’t take any chances ahead of this spring. By taking advantage of a Pistons tear-down, LAL realizes a small, but cost-effective talent upgrade.

Why the Pistons would do it:

Detroit needs to get some value back for Andre Drummond, and because his future in Motor City feels tenuous at best, the Pistons won’t be negotiating from any real position of strength.

The intrigue of Kyle Kuzma and a first-round pick is a plenty reasonable haul. Beyond Sekou Doumbouya and Luke Kennard, the Pistons are in need of some players with upside and the opportunity to fully rebuild.

Why the Hawks would do it:

Trae Young may be just 21 years old, but that hasn’t stopped the explosive point guard from feeling a little impatient. The Hawks may be destined for a top lottery pick, but that doesn’t mean the team’s front office won’t angle for a big splash on the trade market.

Atlanta’s interest in Andre Drummond is well-known. He and Young could form a devastating pick-and-roll partnership. Suddenly the Hawks would find themselves with a much more dynamic offensive identity.

The ATL hasn’t historically been a top free agency destination. Trading for an All-Star is one of the best ways for the Hawks to make a meaningful improvement, for this season and for next.

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