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OTG's Trade Deadline Marathon: A Legend Returns Home

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

ATL receives: SF Malcolm Miller TOR receives: SG Vince Carter

Why Toronto Does It: Toronto rewinds the clock about 20 years, allowing fans to reminisce, seeing “Vinsanity” in a Raptors jersey again. He was “Half-Man, Half-Amazing”, the franchise’s original superstar.

Carter played for Toronto from 1998-2004. During that tenure, he won Rookie of the Year, was named Slam Dunk Champ, and made five All-Star appearances. This deal lets him go back home and retire where it all started for him.

Why Atlanta Does It:

It’s not fair for “Air Canada” to be ending his career with a bottom team like Atlanta. I’m sure he doesn’t mind as he’s been the ultimate professional and helped the youth. He was named Teammate of the Year in 2016. Off the court, he established the Embassy of Hope Foundation, helping kids and adults and was also recognized as Child Advocate of the Year. On the court, he still has a little bit left in the tank but at 43 years old, retirement is right around the corner and it would be nice to see him help in a playoff push to end his career where it began.

The trade isn’t all about what Atlanta gets in return asset wise as Malcolm Miller is a reserve swingman that doesn’t play much. This move is more about the good vibes and doing the right thing.

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