OTG's Trade Deadline Marathon: The Pacers Swap Turner for K-Low
  • Nikola Cuvalo

OTG's Trade Deadline Marathon: The Pacers Swap Turner for K-Low

IND receives: PG Kyle Lowry, C Chris Boucher, 2020 Raptors second round pick, 2021 Raptors first round pick

TOR receives: C Myles Turner, SF Doug McDermott, PG Edmond Sumner

Why the Pacers would do it:

This trade would finally end the tug-of-war between Myles Turner and Domantis Sabonis at the centre spot, while pairing Victor Oladipo with an All-Star partner in the back court.

Indiana is essentially converting mismatched talent into a better present-day lineup, while also gaining draft assets from Toronto to potentially package in a separate, follow-up trade for a mid- to high-end wing (complementing a devastating starting foursome of Lowry, 'Dipo, Malcolm Brogdon, and Sabonis).

Throw in the fact that they get a tantalizing 27-year old centre in Chris Boucher to back up Sabonis, thus giving them a safety net in the present and high-floor piece for the future, and it's easy to see why the Pacers make this deal.

Why the Raptors would do it:

Look, it shouldn't surprise anyone if the Raptors decide to move on from any of Kyle Lowry, Serge Ibaka, or Marc Gasol.

That trio is composed of high-impact, win-now veteran pieces that don't line up with the Raptors long-term outlook (which revolves around OG Anunoby, Pascal Siakam, Norman Powell, and Fred VanVleet); they should look to extract value while they can, despite their high-seeding at the moment (3rd in the East; 28-14).

This trade adds a near-certain future All-Star in Myles Turner at the five spot - an area of need moving forward for Toronto, as they arguably possess top-end talent at all other positions on the floor.

While this trade may negatively affect some of this season's chemistry, there isn't much of a shot at real contention anyway, so reloading with age-appropriate talent in the form of the 2018/2019 block champ should make sense for Toronto's front office. McDermott and Sumner are basically throw-ins; one (or both, if you're optimistic) might have a chance at sticking in the rotation of a future Raptors contender.

In order to recoup some draft assets to replace the ones they spent here, they could move Gasol and Ibaka for pick-laden trades with dead money attached for matching purposes.

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