• Khaleel

OTG's Trade Deadline Marathon: Playoff-Bubble-Busting Blockbuster

DET receives: Otto Porter Jr., Kris Dunn, Wendell Carter Jr. and a 2022 CHI 1st round pick CHI receives: Andre Drummond, Derrick Rose and Tony Snell

Why do the Bulls do it?

Otto Porter Jr. hasn’t quite worked out, their backcourt is loaded, so why not have their eyes on a star? They get one in Andre Drummond, who would be a great fit next to Lauri Markkanen in the Bulls' frontcourt.

Tony Snell is a thoroughly decent 3-and-D wing; even though his contract is a little heavy, he could certainly help his old team make a playoff push this season. This move would likely make a once-disgruntled Denzel Valentine quite happy as he’d have a solid chance at the starting small forward gig.

Also, Chicago brings Derrick Rose back home. Rose was born in Chicago and started his NBA career there. He was named Rookie of the Year, made 3 All-Star appearances and won the Most Valuable Player award before injuries derailed his career. He’s bounced back recently and is currently having a very nice season.

How sweet would it be if Chicago brought Rose back and with Drummond’s help he pushed them into the playoffs again?

Why do the Pistons do it?

Andre Drummond is their franchise player, but he’s been rumored to be on the move and it sounds like he very well may be gone before the trade deadline. Getting some assets in return would be a much smarter move than letting him walk in free agency.

In his place, they pick up a young, promising center who has already established himself as a starter in this league in Wendell Carter Jr. They also pick up Kris Dunn, a defensive-minded point guard, and Otto Porter Jr. who could flourish in another system as a floor-spacing small forward.

If Detroit can get three starters and a draft pick in return for Andre, they should jump all over it.

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