OTG's Trade Deadline Marathon: Celtics Bench Upgrade
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OTG's Trade Deadline Marathon: Celtics Bench Upgrade

BOS receives: F Davis Bertans, PG Isaiah Thomas

WSH receives: C Vincent Poirier, PG Brad Wanamaker, 2020 first-round pick

Why the Celtics would do it:

Boston’s top five players compose on of the more intriguing cores in the Association. Just how good this group can be is unclear. Regardless, it may be the Celtics second unit that ultimately defines the team’s ceiling.

The C’s bench is posting the 4th lowest numbers shooting numbers from deep in the NBA. That means that head coach Brad Stevens isn’t getting much in the way of efficient offense from his reserves. Likewise, he’s limited in his ability to plug and place a bit of scoring on any given night.

Isaiah Thomas and Davis Bertans are shooting 41.1 and 42.8 percent from three, respectively. Their addition to the Celtics rotation would give the team a bit of a lift and much more dynamism when some or all of the team’s starters on the bench.

Boston will have five picks in this spring’s draft, and three in the first-round alone. Not only can the team afford to offer up an attractive asset here, but it probably doesn’t have space for three first-round contracts on next year’s roster anyway.

Why the Wizards would do it:

Davis Bertans’ shooting - though absolutely deadly - has cooled off a bit since the start of the season. A bidding war for Bertans might never materialize.

Should that be the case, this trade is a simple way for Washington to pick up another future asset as it reimagines its identity. If Bertans is destined to be a member of the Wizards moving forward, he could always resign with the team this summer as an unrestricted free agent.

Brad Wanamaker has a trade-block clause in his contract, but the possibility of starting in the NBA could make okaying the deal an easier pill for the Pitt-product to swallow.

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