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OTG's Trade Deadline Marathon: Houston Makes a Splash

HOU Receives: F Marcus Morris, G Bogdan Bogdanovic, and C Harry Giles

NYK Receives: C Nene Hilario, F Danuel House, C Dewayne Dedmon, a 2020 first-round pick from Houston, and a 2020 second-round pick from Sacramento – via Detroit

SAC Receives: C Clint Capela and Dennis Smith Jr

Why Houston does it: Marcus Morris is one of the few quality 3-and-D forwards on the market. Importantly, he has the size to guard the likes of Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James. Morris is also among the league leaders in three-point percentage this year; he would fit in great with the Rockets.

Houston projects to really only have a non-taxpayer mid-level exemption to spend this summer, so getting a player like Morris ahead of free agency would also be helpful for the future.

Bogdanovic, meanwhile, would be another fantastic pick up for Houston. He and Eric Gordon would make for the best bench duo in the league. Bogy is a good outside shooter off the catch and dribble; he can function easily next to ball-dominant superstars like James Harden and Russell Westbrook. The Kings already turned down Harry Giles’ third year rookie-option, suggesting the team is ready to move on. He’d be a good enough way to fill the void left by a departing Clint Capela.

Why New York does it: New York is likely to lose Marcus Morris for nothing this offseason if he remains on the roster past the trade deadline. Like mentioned earlier, he can provide serious help to any contender, and New York needs to take advantage.

This deal requires the Knicks to take on an expensive Dewayne Dedmon contract, but New York isn’t dealing with a particularly lucrative deck. Danuel House would be an intriguing replacement for Morris, and he in and of himself is an asset. This move also yields Houston’s 2020 first-round pick; this pick should end up around the 20th of the draft.

Why Sacramento does it: Sacramento has been itching to get off of the Dedmon contract. Losing Dedmon and what projects as a quality second-round pick is tough, but receiving a center who fits their timeline and is on a team-friendly contract like Capela’s is well worth it.

Bogy is due for a pay-day this summer, and the Kings already locked up Buddy Hield to play the same position. The small-market Kings also get a flier on Dennis Smith Jr. DSJ would have a chance to find his game in Sacramento, as he plays similar to De’Aaron Fox. The speedy Kings would have another quick maestro at the helm.

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