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OTG's Top 25 Unrestricted NBA Free Agents

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

25. Carmelo Anthony - SF/PF

15.4 PPG 6.3 RPG 1.5 APG - 43/38/84

52.5 TS% 1.3 WS -3.6 BPM

Carmelo Anthony was a guy who prior to last season was labeled as washed. No one expected Melo to find a home let alone play crucial minutes as a starter again. The Portland Trail Blazers gave him the opportunity and Melo took advantage. What stood out the most is that Melo finally has accepted he is no longer the star he once was. This change in mindset will help Melo land another contract as he can still provide offense at a high level.

24. Jordan Clarkson - PG/SG

15.2 PPG 2.6 RPG 1.9 APG - 45/36/78

56.9 TS% 3.4 WS 1.1 BPM

Jordan Clarkson produced pretty well in the NBA Bubble for Utah. While he remains a defensive nightmare his offensive output makes him a valuable rotation piece for any of the 30 teams. For teams looking to add a jolt of offense off the bench you could do worse than add Clarkson to the roster.

23. Dwight Howard - C

7.5 PPG 7.3 RPG 1.1 BLKs - 73/60/51

77.3 TS% 5.4 WS 0.2 BPM

Dwight Howard was running out of possible destinations prior to last season. A reputation of being a locker room headache and selfish player were the reasons why. The Lakers losing DeMarcus Cousins to a torn ACL gave Howard the chance. Howard came in with an adjusted mindset of being fully focused on doing whatever the team needed to win. Not to mention Howard is in the best shape he’s been in years. Howard showcased this by having the most efficient year of his career. Howard may not be a starter anymore but he can still provide rim protection and rebounding.

22. Justin Holiday - SG/SF

8.3 PPG 3.3 RPG - 42/40/79

58.5 TS% 4.2 WS 1.3 BPM

The Pacers shooting guard is the perfect prototype for a playoff team. He’s an above average defender, hits the three-ball at a very respectable rate, and does all the little things you want out of a solid role player. His modern skillset should allow him to earn a decent payday come free agency.

21. Aron Baynes - C

11.5 PPG 5.6 RPG 1.6 APG - 48/35/74

58.1 TS% 2.1 WS -1.0 BPM

Aron Baynes is a beloved center across the league and showed once again his value in Phoenix. Baynes is the type of center majority of NBA teams desire nowadays. He has the ability to stretch the floor, bang down low, and provides steady rebounding. Defensively he is a minus in terms of rim protection but Baynes has no issue getting physical. Contenders will be calling.

20. Paul Millsap - PF

11.6 PPG 5.7 RPG 1.6 APG - 48/43/81

59.1 TS% 3.5 WS 0.1 BPM

Millsap has earned plenty of money over his 14 seasons in the NBA. He’s been a key part of Denver’s defensive improvement since heading to the Nuggets in 2017. While he’s certainly in the twilight of his career, his experience, toughness, and savviness would prove invaluable for many contending teams, at the right price.

19. Jae Crowder - SF/PF

10.5 PPG 5.9 RPG 2.5 APG 1.1 STLs - 40/34/77

55.3 TS% 3.8 WS -0.1 BPM

Jae Crowder is still a very reliable wing in today’s NBA, he provides top-notch defense and can play a load of minutes at the power forward position. Crowder’s biggest liability is that his three-point shot isn’t consistent. Now Crowder for the majority of his time with the Miami Heat was red hot from three, however, late in the playoffs, he went ice cold. Crowder is someone who will garner a lot of interest but it’s hard to rely on his offense.

18. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - SG

9.3 PPG 2.1 RPG 1.6 APG - 46/38/77

58.4 TS% 3.7 WS -0.8 BPM

You could make a case that KCP was the Lakers’ third best player across the whole playoffs. His ability to hit timely shots on the perimeter and make quality defensive plays made him an integral part of Los Angeles’ championship run. He’ll likely opt-in to his $8.5 million player option next season given the Klutch connection with LeBron and the Lakers.

17. Tim Hardaway Jr - SG/SF

15.8 PPG 3.3 RPG 1.9 APG - 43/39/81

58.1 TS% 4.4 WS -0.1 BPM

At one point it seemed like Tim Hardaway Jr was just a throw-in piece in the Kristaps Porzingis deal to the Dallas Mavericks. Hardaway Jr has proven he’s a very solid sharpshooter who can be your third or fourth option offensively. The question is can this efficient shooting be duplicated and what value can he bring on the defensive end of the court.

16. Christian Wood - PF/C

13.1 PPG 6.3 RPG 1.0 APG - 56/38/74

65.9 TS% 5.1 WS 3.1 BPM

Christian Wood had a super season for the Detroit Pistons. His play earned him well-deserved votes for Most Improved Player. His place in Detroit is a fascinating one. With Andre Drummond now in Cleveland, and Blake Griffin’s career on the downward trajectory, does the Pistons’ front office throw a substantial contract the big man’s way? Given his talent, age, and upside, there’s certainly a high likelihood that they or another team do.

15. Marcus Morris - SF/PF

16.7 PPG 5.0 RPG 1.4 APG - 43/40/82

57 TS% 3.6 WS -0.1 BPM

Marcus Morris is arguably the best 3&D wing on the market. Now granted it didn’t work out so well for the Clippers and him, chemistry issues likely the reason as to why. Morris will bring toughness and grit to whatever team he’s on while also providing hard-nosed defense. If Morris can replicate his efficiency scoring-wise he becomes even deadlier.

14. Joe Harris - SG/SF

14.5 PPG 4.3 RPG 2.1 APG - 48/42/71

60.6 TS% 4.3 WS -0.2 BPM

I wanted my glorious, shaggy haired, three-point shooting marksman at number one but my OTG brethren wouldn’t let me. Harris continued to improve his efficiency as not only a three-point shooter, but in all facets of his game. Every great team needs a sharpshooter and the hairy hipster is certainly that. Look for Joe Tsai and Sean Marks to reward Harris for his continued improvement as a Brooklyn Net with a worthwhile extension.

13. Mike Conley - PG

14.4 PPG 3.2 RPG 4.4 APG - 40/37/82

53.7 TS% 2.5 WS 0.3 BPM

Mike Conley had a dreadful start to the 2019-2020 season, it looked like he was washed. Now Conley turned that cold start around and managed to have a decent year. He managed to even have some strong playoff outings. It does seem like Conley’s best days are behind him, with that said he’s still a solid point guard who alongside better offensive weapons would be just fine.

12. Andre Drummond - C

17.7 PPG 15.2 RPG 2.7 APG 1.9 STLs 1.6 BLKs - 53/14/57

55.3 TS% 4.2 WS 0.9 BPM

My guy Kory Waldron wanted the Cavs 45th center at number one on this list. In all seriousness, Drummond provides value as a fantastic rebounder, solid passer, and above average scorer at the five position. Does his production match his inflated $29 million player option next season? Absolutely not, but he’s a nice expiring asset for Cleveland to have on their roster.

11. Evan Fournier - SG/SF

18.5 PPG 2.6 RPG 3.2 APG 1.1 STLs - 46/39/81

59.5 TS% 4.6 WS 1.0 BPM

The Magic's issue has been they lacked offense, none of which can be blamed on Evan Fournier however. Fournier is entering the prime of his career and continues to be a well rounded offensive player. Fournier had a strong efficient shooting year while being surrounded by a weak offensive supporting cast. Fournier is a guy who can provide added offense to many teams struggling to find shot creators.

10. Goran Dragic - PG/SG

16.2 PPG 3.2 RPG 5.1 APG 0.7 STLs - 44/37/78

57.3 TS% 3.5 WS -0.1 BPM

Dragic had a tremendous season post-All Star break. He was a key driver for the Miami Heat’s surprising Finals run. The pick and roll with him and Adebayo was unstoppable for opposing defenses. The foot injury he suffered was a terrible shame but shouldn’t hinder him too greatly from getting a sizable short-term deal, either from Miami or elsewhere.

9. Danilo Gallinari - SF/PF

18.7 PPG 5.2 RPG 1.9 APG - 43/40/89

61.2 TS% 6.3 WS 3.3 BPM