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OTG's 2017 NBA Re-Draft

Via. SbNation.com

A few of us here at Off the Glass got together for a re-draft of the 2017 NBA Draft! We all know how the real thing went but should it have gone differently? Let’s take a look:

1. Philadelphia 76ers (Nick Boylan) Actual Draft: Markelle Fultz (Falls) Re-Draft: Jayson Tatum

Via. CBS Sports

While there was some validity in taking Donovan Mitchell here, the idea of pairing Jayson Tatum’s scoring alongside Ben Simmons, J.J. Reddick, Robert Covington and Joel Embiid was too good to resist. This also puts an interesting wrinkle on the possibility of the 76ers going for Jimmy Butler or not.

2. Los Angeles Lakers (Kory Waldron) Actual Draft: Lonzo Ball (Falls) Re-Draft: Donovan Mitchell

Via. The Denver Channel

Of course, thinking about where the Los Angeles Lakers are now it might change everything if they have a guard like Donovan Mitchell. LeBron James, Anthony Davis with the young blossoming star we see Mitchell becoming would likely have us feeling better about the Lakers present day. Donovan Mitchell is a gifted all-around player who may not be the same playmaker or rebounder like Lonzo Ball, but as of now, he’s a far more impactful player. Not to mention the Lakers post-LeBron would have a solid future lined up with Davis & Mitchell.

3. Boston Celtics (Dan Campbell) Actual Draft: Jayson Tatum (Off the Board) Re-Draft: De’Aaron Fox

Via. NBC Sports

This pick felt easy as Fox is a franchise point guard and you have to love his ability to push the pace. This pick for Boston would be the ultimate sliding doors moment, as they ultimately traded for Kyrie Irving just months later. Who knows how Danny Ainge would have built this roster has he not been able to pick Tatum here at 3, and the fallout on the rest of the league beginning with Kyrie’s new destination would be widespread.

4. Phoenix Suns (Khaleel Abdullah) Actual Draft: Josh Jackson (Falls) Re-Draft: Lonzo Ball

Via. Bleacher Report

In real life, the Suns selected Josh Jackson and we all know how that turned out. Here, they don’t make the same mistake and select Lonzo Ball. Lonzo’s defense and playmaking would be a great fit next to All-Star and face of the franchise Devin Booker now and in the future.

5. Sacramento Kings (Alec Liebsch) Actual Draft: De’Aaron Fox (Off the Board) Re-Draft: Edrice “Bam” Adebayo

Via Heat Nation

Having recently traded DeMarcus Cousins, Bam is the next franchise big for Sacramento. A can’t-miss prospect at No. 5, he’s an extremely switchable defender, above-average passer for a big, and has an unrelenting motor. He was a hidden gem in the first version of this draft, and arguably is still a steal at 5th overall.

6. Orlando Magic (Marquist Parker)

Actual Draft: Jonathan Isaac Re-Draft: Jonathan Isaac

Via. The Athletic

Orlando didn’t go wrong taking Isaac here. His length and athleticism will make him a terror on defense if he can stay on the court, and his improving jump shot will make him a very dangerous player.

7. Chicago Bulls (Chandler Harper) Actual Draft: Lauri Markkanen (Falls) Re-Draft: OG Anunoby

Via. OnTapSports.Net

The Chicago Bulls here select OG Anunoby for his elite perimeter defense and complementary offensive fit. This would've been the perfect long-term fit next to Zach LaVine.

8. New York Knicks (Charles Allen) Actual Draft: Frank Ntilikina (Falls) Re-Draft: John Collins

Via. The Athletic

Coming off a disappointing season headlined by stars of the past, the Knicks once again find themselves near the top of the draft. And in a class this deep, they’re bound to find the star to pair with Kristaps Porzingis. Collins could very easily be that; he’s downright electric offensively. His blend of size, athleticism and skill made him a force at Wake Forest, and those attributes have translated to the pros with aplomb. The Knicks’ inverted frontcourt is about to get really fun.

9. Dallas Mavericks (Ollie Nash) Actual Draft: Dennis Smith Jr. (Falls) Re-Draft: Lauri Markkanen

Via. OnTapSports.Net

Lauri Markkanen hasn’t set the world on fire yet but he could flourish in Rick Carlisle’s system in Dallas. Down the track, he would get to team up with Luka Doncic, which likely means no Kristaps Porzingis but he would not be too shabby of a replacement if so.

10. Portland Trail Blazers (Ollie Nash) Actual Draft: Zach Collins (Falls) Re-Draft: Kyle Kuzma

Via. Hoops Habit

Kyle Kuzma would be a nice athletic wing addition to the Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum backcourt. He can shoot the three ball and create his own shot too. Portland’s duo needs some help and this could have gone pretty well.

11. Charlotte Hornets (Charles Allen) Actual Draft: Malik Monk (Falls) Re-Draft: Dillon Brooks

Via. Grizzly Bear Blues

The Hornets still had Kemba Walker at this point, and he needs guys willing to play a role immediately. Dillon is that guy, having made a mark on the league from day one. The upperclassman doesn’t have the highest upside of anyone left, but he’s ready to contribute now. The Hornets need that to keep their franchise player happy.

12. Detroit Pistons (Chandler Harper) Actual Draft: Luke Kennard (Falls) Re-Draft: Markelle Fultz

The Pistons value Fultz’s upside. He can be a two-way impact player if he lives up to his new ceiling.

13. Utah Jazz (Marquist Parker) Actual Draft: Donovan Mitchell (Off the Board) Re-Draft: Luke Kennard

Via. USA Today

When you steal the second-best player in the draft at 13 you tend to get unlucky in these redrafts. That’s the fate of Utah Jazz who lose out on Donovan Mitchell. However, a good consolation prize is the sharpshooting Luke Kennard. Kennard will fit right in with the ball movement of the Jazz. On a team other than the Detroit Pistons he might develop to be even better on-ball creator.

14. Miami Heat (Alec Liebsch) Actual Draft: Edrice “Bam” Adebayo (Off the Board) Re-Draft: Jarrett Allen

Via. Empire Sports Media

Though the Heat don’t “need” a center with Hassan Whiteside locked up, they have to go Best Player Available (BPA) here. Miami is desperate for a wing, but the center from Texas is easily a top-10 talent in this class. You don’t pass that up.

15. Sacramento Kings (Khaleel Abdullah) Actual Draft: Justin Jackson (Falls) Re-Draft: Derrick White

Via. Air Alamo

The Kings traded DeMarcus Cousins for a package centered around Buddy Hield, believing in his splashing ability. Since they miss out on Fox in this re-draft and selected a center in Adebayo at 5, they get a point guard for the future here. With White and Hield stretching the floor and Bam running the paint, it’s not a bad start to a rebuild.

16. Minnesota Timberwolves (Dan Campbell) Actual Draft: Justin Patton (Falls) Re-Draft: Thomas Bryant

Via. Yahoo Sports

The Wolves went with Justin Patton with this pick in the actual draft. So, instead they're taking the more accomplished big man in Thomas Bryant here, seems like a natural move. He is an extremely efficient player and would provide the Wolves with the front-court depth that they were seeking when they drafted Patton.

17. Milwaukee Bucks (Nick Boylan) Actual Draft: D.J. Wilson (Falls) Re-Draft: Zach Collins

Via. Oregon Live

Despite battling some early injury issues, Zach’s defensive versatility and growing ability to knock down long-range jumpers would fit incredibly well in Mike Budenholzer’s system in Milwaukee.

18. Indiana Pacers (Kory Waldron) Actual Draft: T.J. Leaf (Falls) Re-Draft: Frank Ntilikina

Via. Empire Sports Media

The Pacers whiffed in this draft by going with TJ Leaf, the thinking wasn’t wrong. Having a stretch four is needed in the NBA, Leaf just isn’t a good defender or a strong rebounder. Indiana instead goes after Ntilikina who defensively would fit right in, he’d have a strong supporting cast where he could develop slowly offensively.

19. Atlanta Hawks (Nick Boylan) Actual Draft: John Collins (Off the Board) Re-Draft: Monte Morris

Via. The Athletic

Adding a solid backup guard would be crucial for Atlanta’s rebuild, as they would eventually take Trae Young to be their future star in the making. Monte’s incredibly efficient shooting and eye-popping assist-to-turnover ratio means he slots in perfectly on this roster.

20. Sacramento Kings (Kory Waldron) Actual Draft: Harry Giles (Falls)

Re-Draft: Dennis Smith Jr

Via. Empire Sports Media

The Kings would need some sort of point guard given De’Aaron Fox was selected elsewhere, Dennis Smith Jr at this stage is the best point guard on the board. I also believe there is still time for Dennis Smith Jr to become a solid player, but he hasn’t been in the best situations. Smith Jr with the Kings would have that chance with a solid cast around him unlike now with the New York Knicks.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder (Dan Campbell) Actual Draft: Terrance Ferguson Re-Draft: Malik Monk

Via. USA Today

The Thunder selected Terrance Ferguson with this pick in the actual draft, so I jumped on the chance to grab a higher upside wing in Malik Monk at 21. He has been a disappointment after originally being chosen by the Hornets at 11, but is still just 22 years old and is an intriguing prospect with more upside than Ferguson. On a better team than Charlotte, he may have been able to develop quicker as a complementary shooter on the wing in Oklahoma City.

22. Brooklyn Nets (Khaleel Abdullah) Actual Draft: Jarrett Allen (Off the Board) Re-Draft: Josh Hart

Via. Bleacher Report

Again, re-drafts are not kind to teams that got a steal in the actual thing. Allen was off the board here and the Nets had Brook Lopez so a center was not a “need”. However, anything would have helped that team as they were coming off a mere 20 win season. Taking Hart gives them some attitude, defense and rebounding as well as some more offense. BPA equals needed help.

23. Toronto Raptors (Alec Liebsch) Actual Draft: OG Anunoby (Off the Board) Re-Draft: Josh Jackson

Via. USA Today

The back end of this draft won’t be kind; there are few players left worth a rotation spot. So considering the Raptors’ strength in development, the highest upside of anyone left is probably worth a shot at this point. Jackson can’t shoot, and he’s a straight-up risk to be any sort of NBA player, but he’s very much worth the cost at 23rd.

24. Denver Nuggets (Marquist Parker) Actual Draft: Tyler Lydon (Falls)

Re-Draft: Jordan Bell

Via. Mercury News

As dominant as Nikola Jokic is, his lack of defense has held the Nuggets back. With the addition of Bell the Nuggets get a good shot blocker, smart player, and the kind of lob threat that will thrive next to The Joker’s elite passing ability.

25. Philadelphia 76ers (Chandler Harper) Actual Draft: Anzejs Pasecniks (Falls) Re-Draft: Frank Jackson

Via. NBA.com

Frank Jackson’s 3-and-D guard skills will fit nice on this team. He is a solid guard defender with some decent complementary skills on offense.

26. Portland Trail Blazers (Charles Allen) Actual Draft: Caleb Swanigan (Falls) Re-Draft: Harry Giles

Via. NBC Sports

Formerly the top recruit of his class, Giles took a tumble because of a serious injury history. His health is the attribute that’s translated best to the NBA, (the main reason he’ll be an unrestricted free agent this summer), but the chance of him breaking that trend is worth a shot at 26th overall.

27. Los Angeles Lakers (Ollie Nash) Actual Draft: Kyle Kuzma (Off the Board) Re-Draft: Terrance Ferguson

Via. The Athletic

Ferguson came straight into the league from the NBL in Australia so he was ready to go. He can shoot the three and his athleticism is great, something LeBron would have loved to see after leaving Cleveland.

28. Utah Jazz (Ollie Nash) Actual Draft: Tony Bradley (Falls) Re-Draft: Justin Jackson

Via. The Smoking Cuban

Jackson fits the Utah mold perfectly. He’s a no-fuss, grit-and-grind type guy who can produce offensively but also can confidently guard multiple positions on the other end.

29. San Antonio Spurs (Charles Allen) Actual Draft: Derrick White (Off the Board) Re-Draft: Damyean Dotson

Via. ClutchPoints

The 2017 Draft has proven to be deep. Dotson hasn’t shown much more than shooting prowess in the pros, but that element of his game is much better than the numbers indicate. He’s on the path to be an unconscious marksman one day, a true floor-spacer who won’t think twice about that semi-open three. That could land him a starting job in this league, something you rarely find at 29th overall in a re-draft.

30. Los Angeles Lakers (Chandler Harper) Actual Draft: Josh Hart (Off the Board) Re-Draft: Semi Ojeleye

Via. Mass Live

Semi Ojeleye is a great value pick at 30. He’s a very solid defender and his shot gets better every year.

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