• Chandler Harper

Orlando Magic Free Agent Targets

The Orlando Magic stumbled into the playoff for the second year in a row this past season.  They avoided rebuilding the last few years and without the cap space or elite assets, one should not expect their free agent targets to represent a rebuild.  For the 2020 offseason they have their full Mid-Level Exception (MLE) to work with.  They will likely target guys who can help them to continue to push for the playoffs.

Target 1 – Re-sign Evan Fournier (if he opts out)

Fournier had a career year for the Magic this year, for a while he was the only one on the team who could hit a shot.  He has a player option for right around $17 million, if he opts out the Magic need to look bring him back. He just turned 28 years old and can be expected to be in his prime (or close to it) for the life of his next contract.  

The Magic would not gain any cap space by letting him walk as they’d be relying on bird rights to resign him as is.  This is a situation where they need to keep him to not lose the asset for nothing and they also need his offensive production.

Target 2 – Jordan Clarkson

Clarkson’s market figures to be somewhere around the full MLE.  If it stays at that amount or even drops below the Magic need to line up to give him the full MLE.  He will provide them some much needed scoring.  Worst-case they flip him or use him as salary filler if they decide to rebuild or make a big move, there is not much to lose by taking a chance on him. 

Target 3 – Malik Beasley

Beasley was likely going to be paid more than the MLE before the news of his criminal charges came out.  If this destroys his market the Magic make a ton of sense for him.  His shooting/scoring would be huge and he is young enough to add to contribute now and to the next iteration of the team.  

Target 4 – Re-sign D.J. Augustin

Augustin coming back to Orlando could be a sensible move for both sides.  Orlando is most likely to pay him more than any other team as they have his bird rights.  If they strike out on some of the other guys mentioned it would make sense to offer him a $6-8 million salary, this could be used as filler to pursue bigger trades, or just a slight overpay that has no real cap consequences.  

Target 5 – Tremont Waters

The last target is the lowest risk, and likely the highest potential reward.  Waters did not see too much NBA time last season but he was considered one of the best G-League point guards last year.  At the G-League showcase there were reports that some execs already viewed him as a backup point guard in the NBA.  I think there is a very real chance that he could fill a similar role to that of Monte Morris for the Denver Nuggets.  He can likely be had for slightly over the minimum and probably an extra year or two non-guaranteed.  Even if they sign one of the guys mentioned before, it is so important to have quality point guard play, this is a flier I would be taking regardless. 

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