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Marvellous Ballers Universe: Anthony Davis and The Hulk

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NBA players are like superheroes to children and adults alike. Their incredible abilities astound us - much like the superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Comic book films are coming out in droves every year, and with so much recent success, we always have superheroes on the mind.

The NBA regular season and playoffs bring us moments that we never forget; the league is chock full of players eager to show off their special talents. NBA players can do so much and the overall talent level continues to rise each year. We are consistently left in awe and treated to incredible athleticism on a nightly basis from October until June.

As the new season continues, why not continue to look at our Marvel heroes and see which NBA players mirror them in various ways. This time, we'll take a look at Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis and compare him to The Hulk.

Anthony Davis has been on a defense tear this season. He’s averaging 2.8 blocks per game and currently leads the league in that category. In an interview with Yahoo Sports, before the beginning of the season, he bluntly said, “I want to be Defensive Player of the Year.” 

The Hulk is one very big, very green humanoid who somehow remains clothed in a simple pair of shorts, despite his violent transformation from Bruce Banner in to The Hulk. Once the transformation happens, he begins smashing things and wrecking havoc. Sometimes he can’t control himself and he’ll start smashing everything in his way, while other times he is able to manage himself and handily attacks the enemy at hand. 

To compare The Hulk and Anthony Davis, the main thing we need to look at is their strength. The Hulk has super strength and is known for his famous hulk smash - a devastating maneuver that thoroughly pummels anything he comes in contact with.

Anthony Davis has turned himself into a transcendent defensive force this season, and has the measurables of a Greek god, making him an obvious specimen for comparison to The Hulk. Anthony Davis wants to win. He makes his teammates better. When they throw up a lob, they know he’ll be there and it will likely end up a successful alley-oop.

He also has a penchant for racking up highlight-reel steals as well.

Bruce Banner is an Avenger who is always ready to fight alongside his fellow Avengers. He knows that his strength is key to helping the team defeat the enemy at hand. 

Although, in the most recent Avengers films, The Hulk did have some trouble with Thanos. Anthony Davis has to face his own Thanos as well, in the form of injuries. The big man has only played more than 70 games in a season twice in his seven year career.

This season he has battled a shoulder problem, ankle sprain and most recently tweaked his knee. Somehow he has fought through each and continues to play at a high level, blocking everything in sight. Can he win Defensive Player of the Year while leading the Lakers to a championship? Such an earth-shattering success would make the Hulk comparison even more apt.

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