• Dennis Dow

Los Angeles Clippers Mount Rushmore

OTG Basketball presents, NBA Mount Rushmore, where we look at who belongs on the Mount Rushmore of each team in the league. Up next, is the Los Angeles Clippers.

This franchise has not always been in Los Angeles and they have not always been the Clippers. They began their time in the NBA as the Buffalo Braves before moving to San Diego and adopting the nickname, the Clippers. They moved to Los Angeles in 1984 and have been the second basketball franchise in the city since. The franchise has never won a championship and has never even been to a conference finals. Despite that lack of team success, this franchise has been home to some incredible players, let's get to their Mount Rushmore.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul joined the Clippers via trade prior to the 2011-12 season and quickly made the Clippers into contenders. The team improved drastically in his first season and they made it to the second round of the playoffs. During Paul's tenure with the Clippers he was an All-Star five times, made All-NBA 1st team three times, and finished in the top seven of MVP voting five times. He is the most decorated player in franchise history. Paul helped the Clippers to five consecutive 50 win seasons, something they had never done in franchise history. He goes down as one of the best Clippers and also the most successful.

Bob McAdoo

Bob McAdoo joined the Buffalo Braves in their third season as a franchise. He was the second pick in the 1972 NBA Draft. As a rookie, he put up good numbers, but the team was terrible. In his second season, his scoring shot up from 18 points per game as a rookie to 30 points per game. His increased scoring coincided with a 21 win improvement for the Braves. McAdoo would lead the league in scoring for that season and the next two. McAdoo's scoring helped the Braves make the playoffs for three consecutive seasons, the franchise would not make the playoffs again until the 1991-92 season. McAdoo also won the 1974-75 MVP award, the only player in franchise history to win an MVP trophy.

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin was the number one draft pick for the Clippers in 2009, but was forced to sit out his first season due to injury. When he returned for his first season in the 2010-11 campaign, he made the Clippers one of the most popular teams in the league with his highlight dunks. Griffin would go on to win the Rookie of the Year Award and make the All-Star team. Griffin would make the All-Star team as a Clipper in his first five seasons in the league and would earn All-NBA 2nd team honors three consecutive years. He goes down as the most exciting player in franchise history.

DeAndre Jordan

No player played in more games as a Clipper than DeAndre Jordan. He provided great rim protection and huge dunks for the franchise for many seasons. Jordan joined the Clippers as a second-round draft pick that was seen as someone that left school too early. He developed his game and even became an All-Star in his 9th season. He goes down as the all-time franchise leader in games, rebounds, blocks, and field goal percentage. Jordan was a key contributor for the most successful teams in the history of the franchise.