• Khaleel

LA Clippers 2020 Free Agent Targets

The Clippers were the other team in L.A. that had a lot of hype prior to last season. Except, they didn’t win the championship. They do have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, although that didn’t count for much when the team needed it the most. However, having two star caliber players is more than a lot of teams can say (ask the Knicks) and with the right supporting crew they can do more damage than they did this past season.

It might be a bit hard to do that in free agency as they are over the cap and may not look to use their Mid-Level Exception ($9.25 million) and Bi-Annual Exception ($3.62 million) as they aren’t too far away from the Luxury Tax Threshold. They’ll likely look to bargain shop with some vet minimum guys.

Who are some players that the Clippers could possibly sign to help improve their chances in the West?

1 – Re-Sign Montrezl Harrell

Fresh off winning Sixth Man of the Year, he could look to leave for greener pastures when it comes to money and possibly a starting role. However, if they can get him to accept what they’re able to pay and continue to come off the pine for them that would be great. It doesn’t need to be stated what he provides and if they lose that, it will be hard to replace.

2 – Re-Sign Marcus Morris

The Clippers traded for Marcus during the season and he gave them a needed boost. He is a long forward that can play decent defense and score in a hurry. If they lose Harrell, they’ll need to keep him because they don’t even want to think about how much it will hurt if they lose both.

3 – Paul Millsap

He’s had the Brinks truck unload outside his place the last few seasons and will have to understand that likely won’t be happening anymore. Will any team overpay him? Likely not. Can the burly forward still contribute? Absolutely. Despite being on the decline and seeing a 6.5 point fall in his scoring average over the last three seasons, he lit it up from downtown in 2019-20. Going to a team that will likely go deep in the playoffs while mean-mugging the teams that don’t sign him is something he may enjoy.

4 – Markieff Morris

I mean, the thought of being teammates with his brother probably appeals to him and he gets to stay in Los Angeles so he wouldn’t have to worry about moving. Markieff didn’t put up big numbers this past season like his twin but he did shoot over 40 percent from deep in the playoffs and won a ring. That definitely counts for something.

5 – D.J. Augustin

He just turned 32 years old but he still plays solid basketball, averaging about 10 points and 5 dimes per game last season. D.J. is also a 38 percent career three-point shooter and stays a bit healthier than Reggie Jackson. It likely wouldn’t be too expensive to sign him and this would add good depth to their bench.