• John-Paul Duphiney

Joe Harris Subtle Defensive Fundamentals 101

Joe Harris is a terrific offensive player and an absolute sniper! He is a nightmare for opposing coaches who are faced with the task of attempting to design a defensive game plan that includes limiting to 6 inches of space on a catch. Joey Buckets started to gain some national recognition for his lights out shooting after out dueling Steph Curry and going on to win the 2019 three-point contest. His national recognition continues to gain momentum on the big stage as a perfect offensive complement to the Brooklyn Nets (freshly minted nickname) "Notorious BK3".

But Joe Harris will never be known for what he does the other 50% of the game. Defensively, he won’t impress you with highlight reel blocks, game changing steals or eye-popping athletic plays. I even hear him get criticized for his lack of defense. Does he get beat, make mistakes, get exposed in a bad matchup? 100%! But I want to familiarize NBA fans with the very understated impact he makes on the defensive end for the Brooklyn Nets.

He employs the same basic defensive principles coaches preach from kindergarten all the way to the NBA. Let’s dust off the surfacy takes about Joe's lack of defense and dive into some film breakdown to highlight, recognize & appreciate Joe Harris’s "Subtle Defensive Fundamentals 101"!

Those were a few clips of what Joe Harris does defensively to help his team win, but below is a running list of fundamental elements Joe brings to be on the lookout for:

- Always in stance, on balance, engaged & ready to anticipate the next play

- Communicating switches (in advance)

- Constantly pointing at matchups

- Always boxes out or at least checks his man

- Makes guys turn in half court

- High active hands

Body’s up / physical

- Ball you man always

- Bumps cutters

- Positioning is always on point

- Jumps to the ball on reversals

- Able to contain the dribble

- Contests shots without fouling

- Willing to take charges - give up body

- Transition defense is textbook.

- Hustles

- Fearless

- Tough – which is the secret to winning basketball

He's Joey, 'More Than Buckets', Harris.