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JBT: Episode 4.9 - Cle-Love with Special Guest Luke 'Maggers' Magri

This week on JBT we're joined by Luke 'Maggers' Magri to discuss:

- How bad has the relationship between Kevin Love and Cleveland gotten? - Is Andre Drummond bound for Atlanta? - What were the biggest surprises from the first returns of All-Star voting? - Is David Stern the best commissioner in the history of sports? - Are the Pelicans rushing Zion back? - Do the Lakers lean too heavily on LeBron? - How much trouble are the Sixers in? - Did Brandon Ingram deserve a max-extension? - How good can Michael Porter Jr. be? - What's wrong with the Clippers? - Should Aussie kids stop playing basketball?

All that and more plus Brooklyn Bits, Spiritual Time and Off Topic is back, where we discuss the best versions of Coca Cola!




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