• Alec Liebsch

Introducing OTG's Fantasy Offseason

Updated: May 20, 2020

With the NBA's actual calendar in flux, Off the Glass Basketball will be providing their own type of offseason. One writer will represent each of the 30 teams, acting as their General Manager/Vice President of Basketball Operations/etc.

We will assume that the 2019-20 season has concluded, but will still use players' 2019-20 cap hits for trade purposes.

We'll tip off this mock summer with the draft lottery. It's difficult for trades to happen when half the league is unsure of its draft position, so the randomized lottery (brought to you by Tankathon.com) will ignite what is sure to be a flurry of moves.

After a few days we'll do the draft itself, which will have its own series of deals attached, and then finally the post-draft fallout. Free agency will unfortunately not be in the cards at our website; there are too many moving parts.

Along the way, OTG's Twitter account (@otgbasketball) will be updating your feed with the latest moves.

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