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How the Brooklyn Nets Compare to This Time Last Season

As of the 10/1/2020, the Brooklyn Nets record sits at an underwhelming 16-20 after 36 games. Their record looked a lot better a couple of weeks ago before this current 7 game losing streak. A tough overtime loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder last time out was indicative of the Nets recent struggles and it left both players and fans in extreme frustration.

These same Nets players and fans can take solace in the fact that after 36 games last season, the Nets were in a similar position – sitting at a mediocre 17-19. They were in the midst of a mid-season revival though, beating an average Charlotte Hornets team in overtime to win their 9th game out of the last 10. Since then the squad has undertaken a massive overhaul. Only 4 players who played in that game are currently on the roster. One of those names is Spencer Dinwiddie, who had himself an amazing game against Charlotte that night recording 37 points and 11 assists.

Unfortunately for Brooklyn, their upcoming schedule is not a favourable one. Over the next 5 games, they face Miami, Atlanta, Utah, Philadelphia and the Milwaukee Bucks. 4 of these teams are in the top tier of their respective conferences, meaning the Nets aren’t going to be able to rediscover their winning ways without some super-polished performances. One silver lining is that 6 of the next 7 games for Brooklyn are at the Barclays Center. (The only exception being a game at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia). A good homestand can restore some lost confidence.

The team’s ability to tread water and perform at a respectable level without arguably their 3 best players must be commended. The reintegration of Caris LeVert into the line-up has massively helped the Nets, as it gives them another creative ball-handling option to take the load off Dinwiddie. Breaking the trend of negative injury news was the recent announcement by Kyrie Irving that he re-joined five-on-five practice Thursday and is looking at a return date within the next week or two, depending on how he recovers.

With Irving’s return date imminent it is exactly the boost the Nets need to reinvigorate their season. There only hope of improving on last seasons 42-40 record is with Irving and LeVert back on the hardwood. As the last month has shown that you cannot win in this league without numerous shot creators.