• Justin Goodrum

Hoopsology Interviews: Gyro Step Podcast co-host Rohan Katti and Brian Tong

In this edition of Hoopsology, we have two guests for you, first, he is the co-host of the Gyro Step Podcast, we welcome Rohan Katti onto the show. Rohan discusses the journey of the Milwaukee Bucks from winning the championship to getting into the mindset of defending their title. He also mentions that there’s no reason to panic for Bucks fans, and how the team will overcome its injury troubles, and a lot more. Please note this was recorded when the Bucks were 6-5. Then we have an awesome chat with Tech expert, sneakerhead, and hardcore NBA fan Brian Tong. We discuss the growing role technology has played in the NBA in recent years, the NBA 75th anniversary list, 90s NBA basketball, Media rights, and a lot more.

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