• Chandler Harper

Holiday Wish List: Atlanta Hawks

Despite being at the bottom of the East, the Hawks have a few key pieces on the roster that could reignite the team’s rebuild. Atlanta has a glaring hole at the center position and the need for another ball-handler/creator. If the front office decides a 6-23 record isn’t enough to keep the Hawks from eventually making a postseason run, here’s a few players to keep an eye on:

Myles Turner:

Turner would step directly into the starting center spot, and his skill set is a perfect fit for this roster. The Hawks need defensive minded players at every position; Turner would provide much-needed rim-protection, and allow John Collins to use his athleticism in more a free safety role.

Given how well Domantas Sabonis has played for the Pacers down low, there’s a real chance Atlanta could snag Samurai Myles. The Hawks can easily match salaries in a potential trade by starting with one of Evan Turner or Allen Crabbe. To get Indiana to accept the deal would likely have to include Cam Reddish and one or two first-round picks.

Malik Monk:

Monk has had an up and down year this season, but he has shown more flashes than in seasons past. Monk would be a nice addition to the Hawks young core. Likewise, he would give Atlanta another player who can manufacture his own offense and would pair well with Trae Young.

Cam Reddish could be used in a move like this as well, as could DeAndre’ Bembry. Atlanta owns Brooklyn’s 2020 first-round pick. If the Hawks are desperate, that’s an interesting chip to land a player like Monk.

Frank Ntilikina:

Franky Smokes would give the Hawks another ball-handler. He isn’t the best creator, but he would be able to help make up for some of Trae Young’s defensive deficiencies in some shared minutes, while also being able to run a second-unit. Plus, there is still the potential that getting him out of New York leads to better player development. The asking price here would be rather low.

Lauri Markkanen:

Markkanen has had a disappointing year, but his offensive fit with the Hawks would be perfect. He would be a great pick and pop partner for Trae Young, his floor spacing would help John Collins thrive in the paint, and Markkanen would add more shot creation for the team.

It isn’t clear whether or not the Bulls would part ways with Markkanen, however Chicago and Atlanta are both in need of a shake-up. Bulls desperately need wing depth, and were linked to Cam Reddish prior to the 2019 draft; does Reddish, DeAndre' Bembry, and the Nets pick get it done?

The Bulls would likely push for the Hawks’ own pick this season. But there’s a chance the Hawks get in at the right time and make this move for a more reasonable asking price.