• Karin Abcarians

Free Agency Grades: Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings have been in dire need of a revamp. The team has missed the playoffs for 14 consecutive seasons, which is the longest active playoffs drought in the NBA.

Let’s take a look at what they were able to accomplish in free agency:

Hassan Whiteside: signed for 1-year, reportedly on a veterans minimum deal.

Fit: C+

This is a homecoming for Whiteside who they drafted in 2010. He has been a complicated player. He’s not consistent with his effort. While it seems like he’s not as good as he can be, his averages actually tell a different story. Last season with the Portland Trail Blazers he averaged 15.5 PPG and 13.5 RPG. He led the league with 2.9 blocks and finished 3rd in rebounding. When he really hunkers down and actually gets consistent, he’s good, so this Kings team will need him to play at a high enough level.

Price: A

Signing Whiteside, who once had a 4-year $68 million deal with the Miami Heat, to a veterans minimum deal could be a steal if he plays consistently throughout the season.

Overall: C

The success of this signing will boil down to Whiteside keeping consistency. If he can average better numbers than last season, he’ll be a great signing who could help this Kings team get over the playoffs hump they’ve been stuck on.

Frank Kaminsky: signed a 1-year non-guaranteed deal.

Fit: C

Kaminsky is a decent player. He was able to get a lot of playing time with the Phoenix Suns last season because of injuries and averaged 9.7 PPG and 4.5 RPG. He can provide some offense, but the defense is an issue.

Price: A

This is a non-guaranteed contract so it all depends on how he plays. The Kings can drop him if they need to and can bump the contract up to guaranteed if he’s playing well.

Overall: C

This is a low risk sign for the Kings that has a slight chance to be great like what Dwight Howard did with the Lakers last season. Kaminsky’s success boils down to getting the playing time. If he can get enough playing time, he will produce.

Glenn Robinson: signed a 1-year minimum deal.

Fit: B+

With the Philadelphia 76ers he was a decent rotation player. If he gets consistent playing time he’ll be a great 3-D guy for this Kings team and that’s exactly what every team in the league needs.

Price: A

He was actually a very in demand free agent, so we technically could say this was actually a steal.

Overall B+

This is another one of those low risk moves a lot of teams did this season. He has shot 37.3% from the 3 so far in his career, and it’s actually extremely close to Bogdanovic’s career percentage which is 37.4%. The Kings have basically found themselves another Bogdanovic (in terms of spacing), but it’s up to Robinson to play well and consistent because when he does he can seriously hoop.