• Marquist Parker

Free Agency Grades: Los Angeles

Fresh off of a disastrous playoff run in which they blew a 3-1 lead, the Los Angeles Clippers were looking to revamp their roster this offseason. Under new head coach Ty Lue, let's take a look at the Clippers offseason.

Serge Ibaka signs 2 years, $19 million deal

Fit: A+

The addition of Ibaka makes the Clippers an even better team than last year. His shooting and defense will turn a team that was already talented into a strong title contender.

Price: A-

Under $10 million a year for Ibaka is an absolute bargain. The Clippers we're looking for a replacement for Montrezl Harrell, who signed with the Lakers for a similar price, so replacing him with a superior player is a win for Los Angeles.

Overall: A+

Pairing Ibaka with Ivica Zubac in the frontcourt has solidified the Clippers as a top tier defense in the league. Ibaka’s presence will be impactful in a potential matchup with the Lakers; I expect Ibaka to do a better job guarding Anthony Davis than any team the Lakers played last season.


Clippers acquire Luke Kennard

Fit: A+

Luke Kennard’s arrival in Los Angeles should be seen as a massive win for the Clippers.

Kennard is coming off a career year in Detroit, playing with teammates who weren't exactly able to divert attention from opposing defenses. Kawhi and Paul George will allow Kennard to get more open looks than ever before.

Price: A

Trading Kennard for Landry Shamet seems like a lateral move on the surface, but Kennard’s ability to put the ball on the floor while also being an elite shooter is a significant upgrade over Shamet’s limited offensive skill set.

Overall: A+

I love this move for the Clippers. Kennard will fit right in on a team that will provide him with open shots as well as ample opportunities to expand his playmaking abilities.

Ty Lue becomes the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers

Overall: A

The addition of Lue after the embarrassment of last season has sent a clear signal throughout the organization: close isn't good enough.

Lue, like in Cleveland, will be tasked with getting his two superstars to buy into a system and produce a championship. With Kawhi Leonard eligible for free agency next year, the clock is ticking for Lue and the entire Clippers organization.