• Khaleel

Free Agency Grades: Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers decided to swap one Nate for another on the sidelines, canning coach McMillan and bringing in coach Bjorkgren. Other than that, the team stood pat for the most part this offseason, which was a little surprising as Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner haven’t meshed perfectly in the frontcourt. Oh, there was all that drama with Victor Oladipo too.

Maybe the front office wants to run it back and see what it looks like under Nate Bjorkgren before making a drastic change. Here are the signings the Pacers made and how each player fits in Indiana:

Justin Holiday re-signs for 3 years, $18 million

Fit: A

I’m sure Pacers fans are relieved that they were able to keep Holiday, as he is a valuable asset for Indiana. He is exactly what you want in a 3-and-D player as he shot over 40 percent on catch-and-shoot triples last season, with very few open looks might I add. Holiday also had the length to defend multiple positions. Bjorkgren wants aggressive play and the journeyman wing provides just that.

Price: A

I’m surprised Indiana was able to keep Holiday, as I thought he would have been able to make more elsewhere. For what he gives them, this is very much a value contract.

Overall: A

The Pacers keep a key player. Justin finds a home after all his hard work making his way in this league. Aaron Holiday gets to play with his brother. Win. Win. Win.

JaKarr Sampson re-signs for one year, vet minimum

Fit: B

He likely won’t play much, but Sampson does provide good depth in the frontcourt. Sampson is a solid defender when he does step on the court.

Price: A

JaKarr is experienced and knows the system in Indiana. There’s nothing wrong with adding that for the minimum.

Overall: B

This isn’t a move that will make you excited, but quality depth for cheap in the form of a player that’s already been on the team is a good move to make.

Kelan Martin signs for two years at vet minimum

Fit: A

Kelan is a young, versatile defender that had a standout career at Butler. He likely won’t find many minutes at first but he will if he continues to develop and work hard.

Price: A

A minimum deal for a young player with upside. Why not?

Overall: A

He hasn’t played much in the league but he is the type of player that can stick around for a while once he finally catches on. The Pacers roll the dice for cheap here, hoping he can do that with them.