• Karin Abcarians

Free Agency Grades: Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have a nice group of young talent, but haven’t been able to make a lot of noise. In fact, they haven’t had any great success in quite some time and are in need of some new pieces to get the ball rolling.

The Bulls had also signed Noah Vonleh to a 1-year deal but he released a statement saying he tested positive for COVID-19 and that he wasn’t returning to the team.

Let’s see what they were able to do during the 2020 free agency:

Garrett Temple signed a 1-year, $5 million deal.

Fit: B+

Temple will add some nice depth to the team. His averages last season with the Brooklyn Nets were 10.3 points and 2.3 rebounds. He averaged 12 points, 2 assists, and 2.8 rebounds in the playoffs. Considering he’s been in the league for a few years, he’ll also add a veteran presence to a young team that will thrive off that guidance; especially a player like Coby White who will be going into his second season.

Price: A

Being able to add a veteran presence, who can also score, on a 1-year $5 million deal is great. It could also be categorized as a steal because many teams could’ve used someone like Temple in their locker rooms for a deal like this.

Overall: A-

This wasn’t a signing that will catapult the Bulls into being a playoff team, but it’s definitely a necessary one. With a bunch of young talent that has yet to truly make a push into the playoffs, they’ll be getting a player who is coming off of playoffs experience who can help set them up for that future.

Denzel Valentine signed a 1-year, $4.7 million (qualifying offer) deal.

Fit: C

Unfortunately Denzel Valentine hasn’t been as good as he should be for this Bulls team. They drafted him back in 2016 and he’s been streaky and not very consistent. While it’s nice they signed him back again, the Bulls would’ve been better served finding someone new to add. Last season he averaged 6.8 points, 1.2 assists and 2.1 rebounds.

Price: C

It’s not a bad qualifying offer to give him. But the Bulls definitely should’ve tried to find another new piece to add to their roster, one that perhaps could’ve helped this team more.

Overall: C-

With the addition of Temple, it may end up being hard for Valentine to find some solid playing time. If he stays healthy and ready to play, he could find himself in the rotation, but it won’t be surprising if it doesn’t happen.