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Fantasy Basketball Recap: Week 11

There are no more holiday excuses, it's time to get back to work! You may have let things slip over the past few weeks, and if so, put it behind you. As I've said here before, half of fantasy basketball is setting your lineup each week and being on top of injuries and the waiver wire.

If we are being honest, those three things probably account for more than just 50%. If your leagues are anything like most of mine, trades don't happen as regularly as you would hope or imagine. Plus, there is also the owner or two (or three or four) that give up weeks into the season when they realize they'll have to put some effort into it. Being active will keep your fantasy season relevant all year long.

Fantasy Studs - Triple Double Edition

Five guys who stood out this week from the rest by dropping a triple double.

  • LeBron James. The "Washed" King put up a 31/13/12 line in a win over the Suns. He also shot over 56% and had two steals and a block. He's not slowing down anytime soon, at least not for fantasy purposes.

  • James Harden. In a win over the 76ers recently, Harden scored 44 points and had 11 rebounds and 11 assists. He shot over 54% from the field and a perfect 100% from the line.

  • Luka Doncic. How does 39 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists sound for a 20-year old? Doncic put up a monster line without the Mavericks next two best players in a loss to the Hornets.

  • Ben Simmons. Simmons had big numbers all across the board against the Rockets. 29 points, 13 rebounds, 11 assists, three steals, and four blocks. That's straight fantasy basketball cash money.

  • Domantas Sabonis. Ok, so Sabonis didn't get a triple-double this week, but he got really close and no one else other than the previous four listed above got one. Sabonis scored 18 points to go along with nine rebounds and nine assists.

Fantasy Duds - Poor Shooting Edition

Five guys who are probably looking forward to putting this week behind them, because they had a terrible shooting night.

  • Marcus Smart. Smart has made attempted some dumb shots recently, in his last four games, he's shot 25% or worse for three of them.

  • Fred VanVleet. 3/16 for 18% against the Heat. Ouch. The game before he went 4/12 for 28%. It was a tough two-game stretch for sure.

  • Al Horford. The big man went 2/12 for 16% and only secured three rebounds against the Pacers. He hasn't scored or rebounded in double digits for four straight games.

  • Kyle Kuzma. What's worse than his hair? His game against the Mavericks where he goose-egg'd. He missed all seven shots he took. It doesn't get much worse than that, unless you look at his hair.

  • Jayson Tatum. Tatum is capable of taking over games and he's capable of dropping some absolutely awful shooting performances. Against the Hawks he went 2/16 for a putrid 12%.

Week 11 Overview

We've officially crossed over the halfway mark on the season. By now, if you are still in a competitive spot, you've weathered through injuries and kept up with your lineups. There is a big chance you are still fighting through injuries too and you'll soon have some tough decisions to make.

I hate dropping guys too soon. I also hate having an IR spot stuck with a guy who isn't going to come back anytime soon. Especially when my bench also has an IR-eligible guy who is out a few weeks. My advice? Don't be afraid to push the drop button if a guy doesn't have a timeframe and you need to open up a spot.

Waiver Wire Potential

Here are 10 guys who are owned in 50% or less in standard Yahoo fantasy basketball leagues could possibly help your team this week.

  • Kevin Huerter, SG (50%). As of writing this (Sunday evening), Huerter is close to crossing over the 50% threshold. We've been big fans of his here so thats no surprise! He has a 20/6/4 line over the last three games, so add him quick! *as on Monday morning, Huerter is owned in 53% of standard yahoo leagues, but since I make the rules for this column, he stays!

  • Taurean Prince, SF/PF (47%). Prince has scored in double digits four out of his last five and has become a decent three-point threat, as well as a nice rebounder.

  • Damian Lee, SG (46%). The Warriors are believers in Lee and so should you. He has been given a ton of minutes and will be a good source of points, three's, and rebounds.

  • Jordan McRae, PG/SG (44%). McRae averaged over 22 points, three three-pointers, five rebounds, and three assists over his last four games with the Wizards before Sundays game.

  • Eric Gordon, SG (42%). He's hit three games back now and has made nine three's in that span. He isn't offering much else beyond points and three's right now though.

  • Maxi Kleber, PF/C (39%). In Kristaps Porzingis' absence, Kleber has emerged as a legitimate fantasy player. He's averaging over 18 points, seven rebounds, and four three's in the past three games.

  • Michael Porter Jr., SF (38%). The potential is through the roof, so you might want to strike before it's too late. He'll have some consistency issues, but when he's on, he's looked good.

  • Aron Baynes, C (38%). I'm not sure why Baynes isn't owned in more leagues. He hasn't taken a backseat to anyone on the Suns roster, and is a good source of points and rebounds.

  • Jae Crowder, SF/PF (31%). Crowder has put together two pretty fantastic games recently. The totals in the two games before a let down game on Sunday are as follows: 46 points, 12 rebounds, 13 assists, three steals, three blocks, and he's shooting 50% from the field.

  • Sekou Doumbouya, SF/PF (24%). This is more of a deep dive, but the add here would pick up steam pretty quickly depending on if Andre Drummond or Blake Griffin get traded. He's started the last two games and has averaged 13 points, 10.5 rebounds, two three's, and add in a few steals and assists in there.

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