• Justin Goodrum

Discussing the NBA's Three-Point Revolution with Mike Prada, Hoopsology Interview

In this edition of Hoopsology, Matt and Justin, welcome Mike Prada author of "SPACED OUT: How the NBA's Three-Point Revolution changed everything you thought you knew about basketball" to discuss the evolution of basketball. Have the changes been positive or negative for the NBA? This is a great chat and we even talk about if the Brooklyn Nets are the real deal and if they can make a serious playoff run.

Follow Mike Prada Here: https://twitter.com/MikePradaNBA

And be sure to check out "Spaced Out" coming November 2022: https://www.triumphbooks.com/spaced-out-products-9781629378862.php

Time stamps:

0:00 - Concept of "Spaced Out"

2:50 - Comparing Eras of the NBA

6:30 - Analyzing the Modern Era of NBA Basketball

15:18 - Evolution of the game: Blurring of offense and defense

22:02 - Can Memphis' Style Work in the Playoffs?

25:47 - Brooklyn Nets and Ben Simmons

29:16 - Memphis' Dark Horse Potential

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