• Justin Goodrum

Director of ESPN Films' Documentary "144" Jenna Contreras, Drama in LA, Jokic Is MVP

Drama in LA, Jokic Is MVP, and the Playoffs Are Coming!

Jenna Contreras, director of ESPN Films’ documentary “144”, joins the show to discuss her experience in the Wubble and to get us psyched for “144” airing this Thursday, May 13th, 9 PM ET on ESPN.

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And be sure to check out “144” this week on ESPN!

Then Justin and Matt take the pulse of the league as we are less than a week away from the 2021 NBA Playoffs! Does anybody other than Jokic deserve the NBA MVP? Are the Lakers still the title favorites at the 7-seed? Did Damian Lillard single-handedly change Portland’s event attendance regulations? Are there any legitimate playoff sleepers? All that and the creepiest, weirdest thing that Anthony Davis did during a gaming stream this past week…

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