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  • Charles Allen

Dallas Mavericks 2019-2020 Team Awards

The Dallas Mavericks currently sit as the seventh seed in a crowded Western Conference with a 40-27 record. By all standards, this season is a success. As we unpack team awards for each NBA squad, some of these for the Mavs are pretty obvious, where as others were quite challenging in trying to find a definitive answer.

Most Valuable Player: Luka Doncic

This one is obvious if you've watched any amount of Mavericks games. Doncic is the engine that drives this team and the one that has elevated his teammates into playoff contention. Everyone (well, mostly everyone) knew this kid was going to be good, however, putting up a line of nearly 29/9/9 at 21-years old has shocked even the biggest of fans. As long as Luka is on this team, he's winning this award every season.

Defensive Player of the Year: Kristaps Porzingis and Maxi Kleber.

This was actually the most difficult award for me to assess. The Mavericks had three guys on the roster who could all make cases for being here. My heart said Maxi Kleber and my head said Kristaps Porzingis. I truly couldn't come to a decision, so I took the cheap way out and gave them both the award. @Mavsdraft may have said it best:

Porzingis had games where he completely dominated the game. He had seven games with five or more blocks, and 18 games with three or more. He protected the paint well and will only get better as he gets more comfortable on the team.

Kleber on the other hand always felt more consistent, and the one you trusted more to keep the game in hand. He may not have the numbers that KP has, but I think I can speak for most Mavs fans when I say that when he was on the floor, you always felt comfortable. So I took the easy way out and I am giving it to both of them.

Sixth Man of the Year: Seth Curry

In the Mavs twittersphere, we commonly refer to him as "the better Curry." Curry's first stint in Dallas was his first real opportunity to show to the basketball world that he too belonged. When the Mavs signed him again, everyone was estatic, and for good reason. The sharpshooter is shooting 45% from three, and 50% from the field. He's by far one of the most important offensive pieces on the team.

Rookie of the Year: Not Available.

The Mavericks have had 1 minute of rookie play so far this season. So technically, this award would go to Josh Reaves? Or maybe we give it to Luka Doncic again since the Mavs first-round pick in this draft was used to move up in the previous draft to acquire the eventual Rookie of the Year? Or do we give this award to Willie Caulie-Stein because the Mavs lone rookie pick in the draft, Isaiah Roby, was essentially traded to make room for WCS? Ultimately, the Mavs just didn't have anyone to really fit the criteria.

Most Improved Player: Dorian Finney-Smith.

On paper, Finney-Smith's season may seem pedestrian. 9.3 points per game with an average of 5.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game may not stand out to you. However, if you could have seen him the past season or two, you will understand how valuable he's become. He's the teams best wing defender and his three-point percentage has jumped from 31% last season to 37% this season. He went from looking lost at times last year, to being one of the most versatile players that you want in the game at all times.

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