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CLAB 30: Un-[expletive]ing the Celtics' vibe with the Riffsman

Before the Boston Celtics got back in the win column against the Denver Nuggets Tuesday night, it's probably safe to say emotions surrounding the Celtics internally and among their fans were at a nadir for the season.

With a .500 record and embarrassing losses driven in part by players the Celtics could have drafted, rumbles of ire and fingers of blame abounded. But a voice of reason emerged from the wilderness to help us at the Celtics Lab podcast in the form of the so-called "godfather of Weird Celtics Twitter" The Riffsman. If you know him, this is an episode you don't want to miss as he guides back from the darkside in a most prescient manner.

And if you don't, stick around for the in-depth conversation on how to un-[expletive] the Celtics' vibes, Bill Russell's humanitarianism, and who might click with Boston's big traded player exception.

Join hosts Alex Goldberg and Cam Tabatabaie for an unbuttoned Lab, only made better by the Riffsman calling it like it is.

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