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  • Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 77: From Philly to the West Coast and back - talking Boston's brutal December with Anna

The Boston Celtics face by far their toughest stretch of games starting tonight with the Philadelphia 76ers, soon after which the team heads out for its annual West Coast swing, returning to cap off the most challenging portion of its 2021-22 schedule with another tilt against the Sixers on their home court.

Over those 10 games, the team faces all but one of the league's like title contenders, and precisely zero teams with a losing record. With the team playing mostly winning basketball of late through the steadying play of veterans like Marcus Smart and particularly Al Horford, we at the CLNS Media "Celtics Lab" podcast felt there was no one better to talk about a brutal slate of games bookended by Philly than Anna Horford.

Your usual hosts Cameron Tabatabaie, Alex Goldberg and Justin Quinn spoke with the host of the Horford Happy Hour about her brother's role in breaking out of the team's early slump, building better habits, and of course what we ought to expect from the team in a most challenging December.

We also break down our responses to Enes Kanter Freedom's recent media appearances and the fraught balancing act between speaking truth to power while courting it.

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