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  • Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 63: Dissecting the impact of the Timelord and Richardson extensions

The Boston Celtics started their offseason with a bang, making major moves to create cap flexibility and seeming to signal they were all in on pursuing a max deal star in free agency perhaps as soon as the 2022 NBA offseason.

Until it became clear they were not. Now, more recently, the Celtics have been handing out contract extensions to the players on their rosters like candy on Halloween, with veteran guard Marcus Smart, rising big man Robert Williams III and recently acquired wing Josh Richardson all getting additional years -- four apiece in the case of Smart and Timelord -- added to their contracts.

What might be the plan here? How does it impact what we already know about the team? How do we feel about the moves?

Join your usual hosts Alex Goldberg, Cameron Tabatabaie and Justin Quinn as they dive into these important questions and the news of the week on this episode of the Celtics Lab, including Kevin Garnett's jersey retirement news and the release of the full 2021-22 schedule.

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