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  • Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 62: Making sense of Boston's cap situation, and what it can tell us about the future

The Boston Celtics started their offseason with a bang, making a splash into the realm of cap flexibility when they moved on from former starting point guard Kemba Walker's contract almost before the dust settled on their 2020-21 season.

They continued to make moves to free up their cap, which many thought signaled a plan to pursue a star -- perhaps Bradley Beal? -- via free agency. Since then, signing veteran guard Marcus Smart to a long-term extension has blown those assumptions to bits, so what can the Celtics moves this offseason signal about their plans for the future of the franchise?

Add in the sign-and-trade executed with the New York Knicks regarding the services of a one Evan Fournier, and the haziest bits of a picture might be coming together if you know how to read the proverbial tea leaves.

To that end we brought on friend of the pod Yossi Gozslan of Hoops Hype to share with us his knowledge on the NBA salary cap, and what the Celtics might be hoping to achieve.

We also talk about Las Vegas Summer League, Yam Madar's next step, and more with two of your usual hosts, Justin Quinn and Cameron Tabatabaie (Alex Goldberg is getting in some much-needed offseason R&R). Give a listen to hear their takes on a pretty eventful summer, and if you like what you hear, tell a friend -- or better yet rate and review the pod.

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