• Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 61: Dennis Schroder one-year, mini-MLE signing emergency podcast

Just hours after the most recent episode of the Celtics Lab was recorded, free agent point guard Dennis Schroder announced his plans to sign with the Boston Celtics, presumably on a one-season deal for the taxpayer mid-level exception (MLE) of approximately $5.9 million.

To that end, your hosts Alex Goldberg, Justin Quinn, and Cameron Tabatabaie put together a short emergency pod to talk all things German Rondo and how Schroder's signing changes Boston's offseason, potential, and other moving parts. How long is Kriss Dunn for the team? Does this change Marcus Smart's extension calculus? Will we get to see Yam Madar join the team this season, or has the inking forced a return to the Israeli Premier Basketball League for the Beit Dagan native?

Listen to the podcast embedded below to learn more about Schroder's strengths and weaknesses, likely future with the team, and more.

(Minor corrections: it is the NON-taxpayer MLE that triggers a hard cap, and extensions can be signed until the first day of the new season.)