• Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 60: If not Bradley Beal, who might Boston be targeting?

There's been a lot of ink spilled on what the Boston Celtics might be planning, who they might be after with their apparent push to keep their books clean enough to sign a max player in free agency next offseason or soon after, and just what it would take to get the presumptive target to Boston.

But what if that target -- Washington Wizards All-NBA guard Bradley Beal -- isn't who the Celtics are keeping the proverbial powder dry for, or they fall short in their pursuit? What other potential options are out there for Boston to lure into signing with the franchise, or to push all their chips in to trade for?

Recorded just hours ahead of the Dennis Schroeder signing, we won't be covering that juicy nugget of Celtics news in this episode -- be on the lookout for that in a future pod coming soon.

But, your regular hosts Cameron Tabatabaie, Alex Goldberg and Justin Quinn have plenty to say about who Boston might be monitoring for summer 2022 in the meantime.