• Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 54: Talking Al's return and the new-look Boston Celtics with Anna Horford

While it might have been a trade that not only was predicted by half the Boston Celtics media, it's also one the fanbase effectively wished into existence -- the deal in question of course being the Al Horford return to the Celtics from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

And with Al comes the Horford clan, and friend of the podcast Anna in particular. A Boston lifer who is as happy as anyone -- maybe even Al -- that her brother is back in green and white, we had to catch up with Anna to talk Al's return, her thoughts on the Celtics as they are currently composed and some thoughts on NBA fandom from her unique perspective.

Check out the pod embedded below to hear her thoughts on the Horfords' return and the new-look Celtics under head coach Ime Udoka.

Join hosts Alex Goldberg, Cameron Tabatabaie and Justin Quinn as they catch up with the host of the CLNS Podcast "Horford Happy Hour" to talk all things Boston, and Al.