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  • Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 51: Hello again, goodbye; Boston deals Kemba Walker to OKC for old friend Al Horford

Al Horford is a Boston Celtic again and Kemba Walker is now a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, while Moses Brown -- the big from that team you probably hadn't heard of before he hung 21 points and 23 rebounds on the Celtics -- is also headed to Boston in a trade that took most by surprise in timing if not structure.

Boston's first-round pick is headed to Sam Presti's ever-growing war chest while both teams swap second-rounders, and there's a host of things to discuss from cap implications to the fit of the players with plenty more in-between. To that end, we hosted an emergency Celtics Lab podcast with the editor of our sister site Thunder Wire, Logan Newman, along with our fellow USA TODAY family cap expert, Yossi Gozslan of HoopsHype.

We talk all things Horford reunion, try to divine what our favorite UConn product will be doing in his new home, what this means for team-building in the short term and run the gamut of imminent concerns for the Celtics and the Thunder after this deal set the stage for the Brad Stevens era as Boston's team president.

Listen to the podcast embedded above to get up to speed on the trade with your usual hosts Justin Quinn and Alex Goldberg -- and don't worry, Cameron Tabatabaie wasn't included in the trade, he just had the night off.

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