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  • Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 45: Finding some positives in a Game 1 loss to the Brooklyn Nets

With Game 1 of their series with the Brooklyn Nets a loss and the team's prospects for winning even a single game of the matchup diminished, it would be easy to doom and gloom about the Boston Celtics' 104 - 93 loss to the Nets Saturday night.

But despite the sting of defeat, there were a fair amount of positives to take from the contest -- and the potential for an upset win or two are still out there if with fewer chances to accomplish them. To take stock of what we saw and bring in an opposing view on the series, we invited the editor of our sister site Nets Wire to come on the Celtics Lab podcast, and to that end Ajayi Browne had plenty to say about the series so far.

We get into Robert Williams III's big game, where the Celtics could have done better, and even take a look around the league's other postseason games to close things out.

In a season of soured expectations and countless setbacks, there's been some real value in riding out the storm to see who has the chops to grow with the team moving forward.

Join your usual hosts Justin Quinn, Alex Goldberg and Cameron Tabatabaie for a deep dive into the positives -- really, there were some -- coming out of Game 1 against the Nets.

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