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Celtics Lab 43: Celtics mutual aid rehumanization therapy session with the Riffsman

It can be easy to lose sight of the things that matter in moments of crisis, and in a year and counting of a global pandemic, it can be even easier to forget we're all profoundly impacted by it.

The 2020-21 Boston Celtics are dragging themselves across the finish line of perhaps the most difficult season in the seventy-year history of the NBA, missing key players to injury, personal tragedy still fresh for many players on the team, and just starting to get their bearings after getting hit harder by COVID than any other team in the NBA. Yet somehow, fans and media alike have taken this team trying to make it through the day like the rest of us and put them on a pedestal, forgetting their humanity and everything Boston's players have accomplished both on and off the court.

To that end, we linked up with friend of the pod and Celtics fan fixture The Riffsman to talk the season so far and more importantly the Peoples Tommy Point Charity Drive For 18.

Countering the negativity with a drive to help the Celtics -- and Marcus Smart's YounGameChanger Foundation, specifically -- The Riffsman dives into all things Boston with us in this episode.

To find out more about what the Peoples Tommy Point Charity Drive For 18 is and how you can help or just to lift the funk hanging over many Celtics fans of late, make sure you listen to this pod.

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