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  • Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 42: Where will the Cs be seeded, and what could it mean for their postseason?

After a rollercoaster of a week in many ways emblematic of the 2020-21 Boston Celtics season itself, the end game of where the team will finish and what it could mean for their postseason prospects is finally starting to come into focus.

While the fourth seed and home court in the first round is not out of reach, is it still a realistic target? What would Boston likely be up against if they slip to the sixth seed -- or worse, the play-in tournament? Is there a scenario that could realistically see the Celtics bounced before they even sniff the actual playoffs? And just what is this team's realistic ceiling, given what we've seen?

This episode, hosts Justin Quinn, Cam Tabatabaie and Alex Goldberg are joined by special guest and Celtics Wire alumnus Q. Shiron Albertie of SLAM! to talk postseason seeding and its potential impact, exploring all the possible permutations of the end of Boston's season.

We also dive into the week that was, given the history that was made and the play that often went with it to make one want to avert their eyes.

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