• Dr. Justin Quinn

Celtics Lab 41: Mapping out the Boston Celtics' stretch run

There's ten games left in the Boston Celtics schedule, and after witnessing their lackadaisical effort in the team's 119 - 115 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder Tuesday night, one might be forgiven if one thought the team's players wish it were fewer.

But the Celtics still have time to build some chemistry and rhythm heading into the postseason, and exactly 10 games to accomplish it. Who do they face, what are the contexts that matter about those matchups -- and most importantly, who do we expect to win the final 10 games of Boston's season? For this episode of the Celtics Lab, we dive into all things stretch run for Boston, putting the schedule under the microscope for some fine-grained analysis.

Join your hosts Alex Goldberg, Cameron Tabatabaie and Justin Quinn as they parse the final phase of the 2020-21 NBA season from a Boston Celtics perspective.